Friday, December 7, 2012

Busy doing little things..

Sorry guys I have left behind my blog a for some days. I was busy meeting famous people in Malaysia. Haha. Well, just kidding. I was at the WIEF in Johor Bahru. Last night was the longest journey from JB to KL ever I guess.


Day 1 of the Forum, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, our Prime Minister visited each booth after the opening ceremony and after he conducted the opening of the forum. He had interest in Union of Comoros in education and also travel sectors. If you do not know where is Comoros, it’s near Madagascar, Africa and all. The President came with a full army attire man.


Day 2, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi visited and chatted with our Managing Director for quite some minutes. He asked several questions regarding about the “Modal Insan” that we are doing. such a nice and soft spoken person. He visited each and every booth and spend at least 5 minute asking questions and be friendly. I like him. Very very chatty and quite a joker too! :)

So, yeah those basically were the reason why I am kind of not updating my blog for a while. Don’t worry..I’ll be doing a “ fashion sense “ first entry soon! Stay tune!

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