Monday, December 17, 2012

Digi–Buddyz shooting


It was such a surprise to actually won a contest held by Nuffnang! I mean, I never win anything big like this before and I feel so lucky! I knew that I won the Digi Buddyz short video shooting with Lisa Surihani last Thursday. I got a call from a number and I usually will never pick up a phone call from an unknown number, but this time I did picked it up. To my surprise, I thought I was going to be the ‘blogger of the month’ in Nuffnang as I did applied for that one (perasan lebieh) but they told me that I won for the short video shoot for Digi. After the call, I straight away confirmed to them that I will be going to the shoot. As this is like my first time winning something big, I will never look back and seriously excited. haha. Then it comes to the part where I have to think of someone to bring there as they said that I could bring 3 persons together with me. I did asked my friend whom I wrote about in my Digi Buddyz entry (that makes me win the prize!) but she’s a shy girl. So she said sorry she could not make it (pemalu sangat dia tu! hehe) so I turn to my cousins. I asked two of them and one confirmed like in 3 hours after and the other one confirmed at night. So, I got two cousins to come with me to the shooting.

Upon arrival, we need to register our name, twitter acc and what-so-ever and we have a lanyard presents from the team. First, it was briefing time. It seems like they were actually 2 groups of winners, one the the twitter (I believe from churpchurp) and the other ones are from Blogger. I am the blogger team and blogger team starts quite late. Twitter team starts earlier than us. We shoot the same video, same lines but different time and people. First, it was for the end part of the video with Lisa Surihani. Blogger team only needs about 2 takes to complete the scene. Kudos!

Than it is lunch time, so they provide us with rice+chicken+vege+curry+sambal. Blogger shooting scene happens after lunch. They divided us into 8 groups altogether and my group is number 7. Lucky 7! :) The waiting part for our group to shoot is tiring. Quite long to wait for one group to finish each scene as the director Melakaboy needs a perfect shoot. While we are actually not an actress/actor, we will try our best to corporate with the shooting team. The crews were so helpful and when it comes to our turn, we were so supportive and sporting (actually, all of us are! Some of us even dance in front of the camera I say you! kudos! :D ) and we just want to make the shooting takes only few minute to wrap.

It was a great moment! The ones that I cherish the most with my cousins ever! We had fun, we waited together and we did it all together. Sometimes, I feels like we were all on a camp or teambuilding. Haha. Next time kalau ada lagi, boleh la ajak korang lagi ye. ;) So, the video will be shown as an advert. Where? I have no idea but it has been rumors it’ll be on Youtube. I pray that I wont be on the TV. Haha! Please don’t!

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