Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Friday for 2012

Hello all,

Today is the last Friday for the year of 2012. So what have you done for the past Fridays in the year 2012? I have no idea but the only one that I know is that I am always looking forward for Friday to come. Haha. Who doesn’t right? But I just can’t believe that 2012 is nearly ended. It seems like just yesterday I got my pay raise but that was in May 2012. It feels like just a few weeks ago that I have my birthday but that was in August. It feels like hours ago that I celebrated New Year’s Eve at Mydin with Erry Putra and the gang but that was nearly a year ago. :)

This year alone, been through a lot. New experiences, new friends, new life, new findings and more new things. Like I said in my several past entry, 2012 is a very great year for me. Despite all the negativity, I know the positivity is more. And I like it. It balances my negative positive ions too. Hehe. Well, 2012 teaches me on how to think outside of the box a little bit. Take chances and grab every opportunity that you can grab. Try things that you have not try before. I tried sushi for the second time in life this year and I can accept to eat sushi now. So, that’s one good news at least for me and Irfan. He knows how much I hate Japanese food especially sushi. I can’t even smell the smell of sushi before. But now, I ask for it. Haha.

Bazaars, makeup things, apparel and more. Yes, since the opening of H&M this year in Malaysia, I have been in and out of H&M. Sometimes just for browsing and window shopping. I am not a shopper that much when it comes to buying clothes and handbags and shoes because I know I will tend to only use one handbag, one shoe at one time until the handbag / shoe is totally ruined and my boyfriend wants me to buy a new one, or he buys me a new one. :D So, I only do purchases beauty products when ever I go out. Pharmacies and Sephora are my favorite store to go. I could go crazy testing beauty products, so that I could do haul videos for my viewers on YouTube. I would love to do a swap from the USA or UK if anybody wants to do swap with me for Asian products. I really wanted to try out the Bourjois makeup especially their liquid foundation. Oh ya, for clothes, I rather purchase them online as I could control my purchases.

Looking back to what happened this year, I am blessed to have someone by my side each day. Parents, friends, boyfriend, families. Talking about families, I am now an aunt! I mean, I am already an aunt before this but this one means so much to me. My closest cousin ever give birth to a beautiful baby girl on December 2012 and I am so proud of her.


* Baby Dhiya’ Irdina, welcome to the world! *

2013, I am now ready for your surprises. :)

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