Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last movies for 2012

Today was a great day for me. I had fun. Seriously. I never did a movie marathon before. But today, I nailed it. Some may not like the movies that I picked out today but I do not care. If someone can tolerate and watch movies that ones like, why not respect my choices of movies as well ey? Well, if you are not artsy like me, I bet you are not going to be liking the movie that I wanted to tell to you about. And also, in some of my movies rate entry, I won’t be spoiling the whole entire movie i.e I wont be doing a movie synopsis here. I just wanted to let everybody open up their mind a little tiny bit and see what I see in these two movies that I have just watched. Both from different genre altogether.

First  was the Les Miserables. A theater that I did not actually believe that it would actually could become a movie. It was seriously extremely hard to pull out such things as in theater it was actually a musical. I just could not believe that the director could pullout such a nice scene, movie and actors and actresses into this movie. And I LOVE it so much. As an artsy person myself, this is a great and worth the money type of movie. It was 3 hours long and yes, you need to empty your bladder before you go and see the movie.

The name of the director is Tom Hooper. He directed one of my favorite movie as well which is The King’s Speech. If you have not yet watch this magnificent movie, you must go and rent one now. Or buy the DVD now. Such a great movie and for the first time watching it, I am in love with it. The movie I mean. I did learn something from the movie which is great. It’s a true story by the way. I mean, the movie The King’s Speech. I know, I can be quite bias when it comes to this as I am a big British fan. :)

I am not going to spoil everything here inside my blog. Fair enough I will put down the trailer for Les Miserables and also The King’s Speech for you to view. And I must warn you, the movie Les Miserables is a musical movie. No dialog what-so-ever. Everything is in singing method. Even speaking I must say has turned into singing. Some may think it’s boring. It’s the people who do not appreciate arts who will be saying that. But, I know it can be quite funny and sleepy to watch a movie that has a 100% singing dialog to it but just try out and see. It’s a thrill and challenging 3 hours! It’s fun! ;) If you can stand the story Hobbit (where it also has some singing and jingling to it) why not try this one too! :)


And if you have seen the movie The King’s Speech, please listen to the clip below. It is a true story after all. Powerful powerful true story. It shows that no matter how on top you are, you must strive in order to become success in even little things such as, speaking. So simple. :)

P/S : I more Malaysian history could be taught like this, in a movie where everybody could learn and remember something. Even if it’s a little thing. Like Leftenan Adnan, Bukit Kepong and all. :)

Second movie was the Here Come the Boom. It was a funny, comedy type of movie. But it has morals into it. And I love comedy movie that sums up with a morale. Not like some typical Malaysian comedy movies where it just has some comedy shown but so less the morale. Some even had none. I just don’t know why. sigh~

As for me, Here Comes the Doom is a great family movie or maybe a great movie for those who always gives up on things. Or always think that people are always heartless to each other. I mean, a story like this is common and predictable but, to ease the mind, it is a good movie to watch just to laid back a little bit.

It's a two different movie genre altogether, I know. But still, I like them both equally as both has it’s own story to tell. :)

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