Saturday, December 15, 2012

TGV Cinemas–Beanieplex


Went to TGV Cinemas at One Utama yesterday. And yes, they have beanieplex there! I saw this beanieplex on one of the websites that I could not remember where, and was thought that it was from outside Malaysia! Can’t believe that Malaysia now has variety of cinemas and theaters! We have 3D, 2D, normal ones, gold class, premium class, beanieplex, platinum suites and more. Just choose according to your budgets of course. For me, I always wanted the best luxurious when watching a movie. Especially on a movie like Hobbit.

The screening was around nearly 3 hours! I have not yet seen Lord of the rings before because I could not even open my eyes when I wanted to even watch the 1st CD. Sigh –.-“ So, for this movie, I seriously wanted a place where I could be easily move around without any restriction. So, we decided to watch at beanieplex.

At first, I thought those bean bags were soft and fluffy, I was wrong. Haha. Since it is still a new cinema at one utama, the bean bag is also new. And it was not soft at all. It did feels good after a while punching and kicking it. Haha.

I think the tickets costs us RM22 per person. This is still okay. I can still invest on things like this when it comes to things like this.

Beanieplex are now available at One Utama TGV, Sunway Pyramid TGV, 1st Avenue Penang TGV, Tebrau City TGV.

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