Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips sikit–iPhone 5

To those who are currently using iPhone 5 or in planning to purchase iPhone 5, please, right after you purchase them, do get a FULL bumper for your phone. Please do spent some money on the cover / bumper. Do not purchase the bumper that is not protective even though it’s a cheap ones. I mean, if you want to protect your phone, you have to at least invest some money into it.

At first I have this cheap RM49.90 (not that cheap to me but it is still the cheapest cover for iPhone 5), bought it at Mac City in One Utama. It gives free screen protector so I thought it is like 2 in 1 purchase kind of thing. I could not remember the brand of the cover but it does not protect the bottom part of the phone so I seriously not recommend this type of cover to everyone who is now using iPhone 5 as iPhone 5 could just easily slipped off from your hand. It’s so slim and lightweight.

Right now, I am using this exact cover. It protects my whole back body of my iPhone 5, plus it gives extra screen protector for back and 3 screen protector for front. It also gives 2 dust plug for my headphone and also 2 dust plug for my lighting charger. It costs me some bucks but I do not mind at all. I do not want to spend more than RM99 for my iPhone once it’s broken.


Why I am so enthusiasts in this stupid thing? Because I cracked my iPhone 5 just less than 1 week of having it. Yes. I do. Me. The most protective person ever, cracked my iPhone 5. So now I warn you guys out there, no matter how beautiful the cover is, please buy the protective ones instead. And do not be stingy, invest a little bit. :) If you can see a dent just right above the headphone hole. UGH. So geram right now.


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