Thursday, December 27, 2012

Viral Videos

What do ‘Viral Videos’ on YouTube means? I think it means a very very famous YouTube video. Which is some part, right. It’s so viral that people are talking about it, people doing covers and acting back, mocking and so much more. I bet you know what is the most viral video on YouTube for this year. It has been in the news and radios since the past 2,3 weeks now. Psy, Gangnam Style has 1 billion of viewers now. So, this is viral.

Let’s put aside Psy for a moment as he is already a phenomenon. Want to know what else is famous on YouTube besides Gangnam Style? Let me present to you some of the viral videos and viral YouTubers. It’s so viral that some of them even become a superstar now. Thanks to Ellen Degeneres. Haha. Enjoy. You might have not seen some of videos yet. :)

Sophia Grace & Rosie


Nyan Cat




The Duck Song


Ryan Higa (nigahiga)


Salad Fingers


Remi Gaillard


Sore Eyes 5 Days MC


And many more to come. I’ll do part 2 before the end of 2012. hehe.

All videos courtesy of YouTube and the ORIGINAL Uploader.

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