Saturday, December 15, 2012

Who says..

Who says being the only child rocks? Well, for me being the only child in my family and being a girl, makes me feel like I am certainly not a girl at all. Haha. well, I have to do loads of “guys” thing around here in my house. Repairing things, assemble things, disassemble things, buy things, buy foods, be strong, fight for life for family and all. Some of the things that I need to make sure I do for me and my family. I am just not the right person if you want to say that I am being pampered. Certainly not at all. No pampering in my family. What I want, I need to EARN it. Even if it means, dying. :) Well, not that crucial. Haha

So, when I was little, my dad used to give me RM1 for primary school. Since I bought my own water bottle, the RM1 is only for foods or some utensils that I needed to buy (or sometimes, not needed at all. haha). Just because of that, I have no idea in saving money. Up until now. I just can’t save. I do not know how to save my money up. I will use it up until the end of my salary. Yes. And if I wanted to buy something expensive, I would buying and starve for the rest of the month (if needed). :) That’s my way of buying / going shopping. I would rather starve or eat little by little, than saving money for just one thing and that means, starving up until I got the exact amount inside my piggy bank and that could take months. So, that is how I do my financial every month. I call it, strategy deadly financial planning. HAHA.

Who says being the only child rocks, again?


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