Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BOTD–Pantene Nature Care


Leave on hair conditioner / treatment. Do you like wearing them? I LOVE them! They do come in handy when I went to Mamak’s restaurant. As a Malaysian, I tend to eat Mamak foods quite a lot. But not just only applicable to Mamak. Sometimes, fast foods too. What am I blabbering here? Well, I need to have these things because I just hate when my hair smells like the restaurant. Girls, if you know what I mean. I do not like my hair to have that foggy smell. I just hate it and I could not stand it at all! Believe me.

So, I need something that could nourish my hair and also gives a bit of smell to my hair as well. I found out about hair treatment before this and had been using the Sunsilk leave on hair conditioner for quite some time and now, I am changing to this one! why? Let me tell you why.

First, because this leave on hair treatment does not makes my hair oilier. It makes my hair seriously smooth after applying them. And it does not greasy up my hands as well. So overall, it does not messed up my hair and day at all. Unlike some other hair treatment, their consistency is a little bit think whilst this one is very very light. And i t has sort of like a light green color. LOVE! The smell is just divine. When I put it on to my hair (I don’t apply it onto the roots, I only start applying it from 1/3 after my roots and down to the tips of my hair) my hair instantly smells great! One good thing about this leave on treatment / conditioner is that after a long day at work, my hair still looks good and shining. Feels so damn soft too!

If you are looking for a not-so greasy hair treatment, you can try this product my Pantene. It is quite cheap, only RM15 if I am not mistaken (do not quote me, I forgot the price)

Do check out my January Favorites video. I did featured this product as part of my January favorites! :)

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