Monday, January 28, 2013


Have you ever had some certain cravings of food (not because you are pregnant and I am so not! haha) but when you are trying to buy them, some challenges happened? Like for instance, you can’t buy em because they were out of stock or you just do not have enough money to buy them. And when you come back home and see your mom/dad/sister/brother/housemates/wife/husband cooks/buy them for you without you telling them? I did get that quite a lot. Especially from my mum. Sometimes, when I feel like eating noodles, but I just do not want to get one from the stores because I thought my mum would cook rice and I have to eat them and when I came home, I can see noodles on the table, freshly cook by my mum, without her knowing that I want one.

Is that awesome?

Thank you Mami for everything. I LOVE you.

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