Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Food for thought - Green Tea


I used to hate green tea when I was little. I have no idea how my dad loves this tea so much and I just can’t believe that he can drink a tea without sugar. And green tea is consumed without any sugar in it. It can be a source of diet too. Well, my dad drinks this tea because he has diabetic and high blood pressure.

It was said that the green tea originally from China. Back at the time, it was used as a drink and also in medication such as to control bleeding wounds, sugar in blood and digestions. I do not want to talk more about the history of green tea and all. You may read it at Wikipedia. Hehe. (too lazy to type everything out today)

Green tea can be categorized into way to many category. Personally, I love Japanese green tea (Ryokutcha). I have not yet tasted Chinese green tea. I am now favorable of Hojicha (a roasted green tea) and also Matcha (powdered tea). When I was at Sushi Zamnai, I always ordered Ryokutcha not only because it has a free refill and cheap, it also tasted very good. I don’t like the green tea at Sakae sushi. I think their green tea is the Genmaicha (Brown Rice tea). It tasted so yucky I could not swallow it. Haha.

Why do people drink green tea?

Well, for me personally because I wanted to reduce the sugar level in my blood. If you guys have seem the picture of my sugar level that I posted in my instagram a while back, you will know that it is actually quite high. So, now every morning after I ate my breakfast and drink my plain water, I must have a cup of green tea with me. And I only drink the tea from BOH. I would also wanted to control my cholesterol level while I am still at a young age. Prevention is better than cure.


I have heard to many good things about green tea. I think the only thing that could make it as a bad side effect is that i could get insomnia if I drink it at night because it has caffeine. Now, I only drink them in the morning during my work time. Maybe that is why I have not been so sleepy when morning comes I guess. Haha.

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