Friday, January 25, 2013

Food for thoughts : Chatime Horlicks (Health-tea)


OMG OMG OMG! Chatime now has Horlicks drinks! I first found out when I was at Tesco in Kepong. I absolutely love horlicks, I drink Horlicks like every single day when I was a child (apart from milo of course as milo is easier to pronounce) and I love Horlicks malt sweets. They used to have it in a square packets with either Red or Blue packaging as I think was about RM0.70 per packet.

Since McDonald’s introduced the Horlicks Mcflurry sometime last year, I have been dreaming of eating those Mcflurry again and again. I do hope they could bring it out again this year. But now, I have to wait no more, Chatime now has the ‘Health-tea’ range. It’s a limited release so if you are a HUGE fan of Horlicks, please go and grab one soon! I have no idea this drink will be at Chatime until when.

They come in three different range altogether. Horlicks cocoa, Horlicks Milk Tea & Horlicks Smoothie. My favorite currently is the Horlicks Smoothie because it has a horlicks toppings on top of the drink! Just like Milo Dinosaur! Yummy! This Horlicks Smoothie only comes in a Large size whilst the other two do have Medium size to choose.

It is so damn SEDAP! Go and try one and let me know what do you think of it. :)

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