Thursday, January 3, 2013

How is your 2013?

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating my blog today. I was outside the office nearly the whole day. I am only at the office for just 3 hours. Hehe.

Well, how is your new year 2013 so far? I have read so many updates from Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Twitter that this new year sucks. Kinda. I guess. Mine sucks in its own way. Well, suckinss does not happen for a reason. It must be something that God does not want you to achieve yet at this point. He is just testing you. Hope that you could feel like that when you encounter with any negative energy / problems.

I always look back on the years when i was just a student. Life was seriously great back then. Yes i do have problems like pop quiz and exams and presentations and all but that is just it. Now i have much bigger problem to think about. And sometimes, i am sick of it.

God gives you challenges with a reason. Any reasons that He wanted to test you out. Be glad that God is actually taking care of you. He does not want you to be sad later on. So He pulled things that you wanted the most now, for you to think and rethink again. He is such a great helper.

Think positive, deep and happiness. There is always a reason why. :)

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