Monday, January 14, 2013

When I was little..

I know most of you must have some great memories that you are proud of when you were little. I have several things that I am proud of and some of the things which I am not. But as a kid, you tend to like think beyond your imagination a bit. You have a whole world waiting for you. You do not have to deal with money, payments, bills, credit cards, work, friends, lovers and more. All you know is how to memorize 5x5 or how to use a certain formulas in Chemistry or maybe just having fun in your style. Your day is pretty much the same every single day except for home works and stuff. You know at 6PM sharp, you’ll be playing bicycle outside or doctor-doctor or even masak-masak.

There are several things which I could remember what I am actually thinking when I was little. Let me just share it with you here. ;)

  1. One night I was memorizing my multiplication table (the one on every back of the brown book), I realize that if you put the X onto the far most left top, and continue with the numbers to be on the diagonal side and horizontal side, you could get the answer pretty quickly. multiplication_table_complete
  2. I once told my best friend that I have this disease whereby when ever I talk, my stomach did not move. And this happened when I was about 9 years old. And I told her to not to tell my parents about it as they might be sad knowing that they have a sick child. (psyco).
  3. I got a deep cut from the condensed milk tin cover and did not feel any pain at all. Seriously. Now all its left is a scar.
  4. I was so in love with Amit from A*Teens at that time, that my name on A*Teens fan profile website is nana_amit.Amit Sebastian Paul01
  5. Being a fan of Westlife, I always went to their website just to look at those guys especially Nicky (at that time). In their website, they have this chat room where sometimes, the Westlife members will drop by and chat. And when they come by, their chat nickname will be in the color of Green. I was such a brilliant girl at that time, I did once, faking inside the chat room that I am the real Shane Filan. I pretend to be him for just 2 second and I logged out and change my nick name back to normal. :p Some of the kids do believe that I am the real Shane as I use the nick name Shane_Filan. Oh kids. :p
  6. I learn the ‘Halfway Around the World’ dance by A*Teens by just looking at their video clip over and over and over again. 
  7. Oh yes, me and my best friend also learned Westlife’s dance by watching the Westlife Concert CD, play it again and again.

Some of the memories that I will never ever forget in my entire life. :)

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