Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dream room


I have this dream, of creating a really really cozy and lovely room. Take a look at the picture above. Some part I really LOVE and some are just not my favorite at all. For an instance, I do not like the bed rest (is that what they call?), that white fluffy board behind the bed. I really like the glass closet on the left side of the picture and the lighting on the right side of the picture.

I have this dream where I have a long window inside my bedroom where I could have more natural morning lights. Instead of having the old school window that you can see from the old modern houses here in Malaysia. I like my bedroom to be as bright when it comes to morning time and as cozy when it comes to the night time.


As for color theme, I have no intended to paint my room pink or purple or red. No for me. I like colors like the picture above. Cool tone brown colors. Not the hot tones. But I just have to beware not to pack way too much brown furniture as it tends to make my room looks smaller. And I wanted a wall paper too, just at some portion of the room and not the whole of it, exactly like the picture above.

I have my dream room. Do you? :)

Pictures credited to google.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

johore singapore february trip 023

This is a serious business. If you do not like ice cream or bread or even wafer, you just don’t have to read the rest of this story. This fantastic food is just way to yummy to even share. So, if you see me eating this delicious thing, please do not even ask me to share of to have a bite. I love this ice cream so much. It is simple but yet so indulging. Nothing complicated like peanuts or chocolates or sprinkles. It is just an ice cream, cut in a block and wrapped with a loaf of this colorful bread. Even the bread looks delicious with those pink and green colors. If you are not a bread lover, there is always an alternative for you. They do have wafers so that you can have your instant wafer ice cream. Both price at SGD1 each. Yes. Cheap. And you can only find it in Singapore for now. I cannot find exactly the same ice cream anywhere here in Malaysia yet. So if you are visiting Singapore soon, do search for this ice cream near Ngee Ann City and Wisma Atria, alongside the pathway. Grab one or you’ll regret for the rest of your lifetime.

Wonderbox February edition

I finally got my hands on my second wonderbox yesterday! Most of the items were for facial purposes. Let’s go through each products!



- Murad VITALIC T-Zone Pore Refining Gel


This particular gel seriously smells yummy!

It is said to clear pores while balancing oily and dry zones. It could also reduce pore size and gives a flawless complexion.

It retails at RM228 / 50mL

The ones inside my box is 3.7mL :)

DSC07405 edit

- Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer


This moisturizer also has that yummy smell that I LOVE! It is not that thick and not that oily. It is sort of like a fluid type and not cream type of moisturizer. :)

With SPF15, this moisturizer is suitable for those who are obsess with SPF moisturizer products, like me! It is seriously lightweight and oil free moisturizer (as what is says inside Wonderbox card).

Retails at RM180 for 50mL

DSC07402 edit

- Jaqueline Burchell Nail Laquer


I am not so much into nail polishes / lacquer. But after I saw this cute little thing, I am in love with it. Like seriously it is the cutest nail polish ever! I have in the color of LM11PE Gamma Ray and loving the color too! It is sort of like a very very very dark purple berry color.

This nail lacquer dries up quite fast and I love the brush applicator as well. It does not picks up that much product and it makes it easier for me to apply even without any effort to it. It is free from Toluene, Formaldehyde & Dibutyl phthalate.

Retails at RM22 per 5mL




- H20+ Marine Toner


I have always came across this brand One Utama. I did not have any idea where the brand is from and what is it actually. Is it good or bad. I have never seen people did a review about this brand. So, I am glad that I could try them now. At least I know and I can do the review for all the people out there who is curious. :)

It says that this toner is alcohol free and it swipes away impurities while improving moisture absorption.

Retails at RM99 / 200mL

DSC07401 edit

- H20+ Oasis Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser


Another H20+ brand which I have heard but never try before. This is the facial exfoliating cleanser. It has 2 in 1 I suppose, cleanser and exfoliator. I used to have Ginvera exfoliator before and I am loving it. So I hope that I could love this one as well.

It says that it is made with real fruit enzymes, jojoba beads and moisturizing marine botanicals.

Retails at RM99 / 120mL

DSC07400 edit

- Clinelle Moisturizer Booster


Another new product for me! Seen this product before at Watsons and Guardians and some other pharmacy / drug stores, but never did buy and test them out. Probably I think they have way too many products and I have no idea which one to test out. :)

What could this booster do to my skin is that, it could help to maintain the moisture and skin hydration at an optimal level. It is oil free and it helps to promote instant moisture penetration to immediate sooth the skin.

Retails at RM72.90 / 20mL

DSC07407 edit

Subscribe to wonder box now at http://www/

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SHERLOCK (Season 1)



Have you seen this? It’s a series. Some people have been bragging me to watch this and finally, I bought the DVD. Season 1 & Season 2. Surprisingly, in season 1 and 2, they only have 3 episodes. Which is quite funny as I thought the DVD was broken. Haha.

Well, my ratings for this series is 9.5/10. It is just way to perfect for me but there are some elements which is not that logical enough. Of course if you did watch the movie version of Sherlock Holmes you would know that the story is about sleuthing and detectives and sort of those things.

I like watching detective type of movies as it made my brain to work while I am watching the movie. I am actually too, solving the case together with the characters. The one thing that I really like about this series is that each episodes has different case.

The main actors are Benedict Cumberbatch (the sherlock) and also Martin Freeman (the Dr. John). Can’t say no more. This one is a MUST WATCH if you love comedy, fast talking, detectives, sleuthing, friendship type of series. :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel Size?

Hi all,

I will be traveling to Johor Bahru soon and to Singapore. When packing for travelling, I used to bring everything that I use everyday at home, to where I am travelling. Especially face products and beauty health things.

I find that not all of the products that I used have travel size so I just need to depot some of the products that I have in full size, into something smaller. Thanks to Daiso, my dreams has become a reality. Now, no more fuss I can bring even my favorite shampoo at home (believe me, hotel shampoo sucks.) and conditioner together with me!

In the picture below, I have 3 cute containers that contain some of my critical need products. I need to have them like every single day if not, I would DIE! (yeah theoretically speaking).

In the Blue squeeze bottle I have my Pantene Pro V Nature Care Natural Shine Booster Essence. (what a long name!)

In the Pink squeeze bottle I have my Felinna inch loss lotion (which I use multipurposely! Even I dap a little on a mosquito bite! haha)

In the small Pink jar I have my Udder Milk Cream from Moogoo. Basically for my eczema and dry skin.

So there, I can have all three of these items instantly as I always carry them around with me inside my handbag. :)

This is one of the way, if you have a serious skin disorientation where you just can’t simply use hotel’s soaps and shampoo. I have other products too that I have deported as well back at home. Shampoo, soaps, night jelly..and counting. :)


Singapore & Johor Bahru

Hey folks!

I’ll be in Johor Bahru starting this evening and in Singapore for tomorrow only and back to JB tomorrow night and will be back to KL on Sunday. :)

So, if my blog is being idle for a couple of days, I apologize.

See you soon! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Such a weird but fun movie.



I came across this movie when I am trying to search for Hilary Duff’s mosic video and series. I used to like her acting a lot before this. And now that she’s married and all that, she’s no longer appear in the TV / movies anymore. With her son Luca, I think she’s one of the most sporting and cute mother.

This According to Greta movie is kind of depressing for me to watch but it was fun at the same time. The depressing part is similar when you are watching Gossip Girl character’s Serena, being punished and blamed and left but still trust her best friends anyway. So, that’s kind of a depressing thing for me to watch. I have stopped watch Gossip Girl since I don’t know when. Because it’s way to depressing to watch. Haha. Oh yes back to the story, it is about this girl who had never met her dad and was living with her mom and the boyfriend (mommy’s boyfriend) and was asked to live with her grandparents during summer vacation. While she was at her grandparents house, she did things that could make you think that she’s the most stupid girl ever. I do not want to spoil the storyline here that much. I want you guys to watch it. :)

It’s a simple story but to some, it could meant a lot. The deliverance of the stories looks natural at some point and the storyline is quite good for me. Of course, it involve people who always said that they prefer dying than living.

I only can recognize Hilary Duff in this movie. Others are not recognizable. :)

BOTD–Neogence Extremely Off Heads Serum


Hello girls and guys! Yes. This is a non gender product. Both can use it! If you think you have acne that just wont shrink down, still red and looks inviting for you to pop them out, you may want to read about this incredible serum!

I have this serum inside one of the beauty boxes that I have subscribed. But you can get the same brand at SASA. This is I think, the sample size ones. 5mL only.

The ingredients were Fruit Acid, Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat and Watch Hazel Leaf Extract. I have no idea of what are those but I think it is some safe ingredients to use on my face especially on my acne and pore problems. I think the way of this serum works is that it penetrates onto our skin/pores/acne and gives give some tweeks on the dead skin cells, clogged pores and other skin problem. I believe that it could also improve skin problems as well. I have not seen my scars faded that much but it did fades some little acne scars that I have on my forehead.

Sadly I have not take any photo of the product inside this sample but it looks like a medium consistency oil / serum. Not that thick and not that runny either. I love this product. I tried them before, just because I have this small acne on my forehead and I just wanted to try this out and hopefully it works well. It is such a miracle that not only it works superbly well, it also works super fast too! I once put it on my big acne that I have, before I went to sleep and on the next day I woke up, it shrinks! I mean, like really  really shrinks! No more redness!

This one I think similar to the origins spot remover but I don’t know how much that origins would cost but this one costs around RM60 – RM70 at SASA I supposed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DiGi–Kami Buddyz Manifesto!


Spot me! :)

Thank you Nuffnang for this incredible experience! It was FUN! I wish we could do this again and again!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

BOTD–Makeupgeek Eyeshadow


* Burlesque *


* Memmaid * * Nautica * * Poolside *


* Crème Brulee * * Shima Shima * * Cinderella *


Aren’t they gorgeous! I love makeupgeek’s eyeshadow. As they are so affordable and serious pigmented. You can check out my other BOTD on makeupgeek’s eyeshadow as well. I have done some reviews about these gorgeous line. :)

Check out my video on this eye shadow.

Makeupgeek eye shadow Part II : Part II

Makeupgeek eye shadow Part I : Part I

Makeupgeek eyeshadow : Makeupgeek Store Eyeshdaow


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just don’t be way too much…

Take it easy my friend. From what happened to you, now I seriously believe that God can take away things from us as simple as 1,2,3. God can take whatever that He wants as it was His property at the first place. So, after what I have seen in your situation now, I believe that God can take away everything that He wants to from me anytime, any place. I do hope people could actually open up their eyes and mind and realize this. Not that you can’t be happy and overly happy. You can. Your joy is yours. But, you just have to remember not to be overwhelm and over joyed by things surrounding you.

I do hope a friend of mine here will realize that she will be loved by her fans and families no matter what. What happened has already happened. You have to be professional and strong. Listen to what your family has for you. Your mom and dad is your No.1 supporter. They will never ever do things that would hurt you permanently. Yes, we can plan but only God knows everything. So I do hope you stay strong no matter what and where you go.

I just suggest you and your family to take a break for a while and go for a holiday. Surely just go and visit your grandparents or even you can suggest to fly away to London or maybe umrah. Just silent up your phones and everything. Put that aside and just let your heart think together with your mind. I know you are totally upset right now. Like “seriously-fatal-upset” kind of upset. But just remember, you have your supporters behind you all the time. #shilalas right?

So, I just want to say, be strong and just be the way you are. You want to cry, cry. You want to shout, shout. Do what ever you want. But of course, with the permission of your parents. Just don’t do some weird things, and you’ll be alright. If you think you want to fight for this love again, just do it. who cares what people say. I think if you believe in yourself, sooner or later people will believe in you as well.

Shine bright like a diamond little sis.

Loads of love.

BOTD–Products on testing

Hello guys! I am now trying some bunch of beauty / health related products. Here are some of them.

Moogoo Udder Cream Skin Milk


Moogoo Finely Ground Oatmeal soap


Maybelline the MAGNUM Volum’ Express Mascara


Stila Lip Glaze



I shall do a review soon either here or my channel! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

BOTD–Wonderbox Unboxing (January Box)


OMFG girls!! I forgot to actually blog about this! How could I! But I did a video about this unboxing so guilt free I guess. Haha. Well well well, this is my latest beauty box subscription. Yes. Beauty boxes are growing like mushrooms here in Malaysia. From NONE to what now, 4-5 already? This would be my second subscription to a beauty box. The first one that I encountered are Vanity Trove, while back in June last year (Or is it July? I cannot remember when. Imma such an old lady. Sigh –.-") and I was so excited that they shipped to Malaysia. As you all know, Vanity Trove originally from Singapore. :)

Well, lets talk about this Wonderbox shall we? I admit, the first time I knew about this beauty box was from Jaclyn Teoh. She blogged about it. And I did went to their website, searched for the YouTube video regarding about this Wonderbox and I am pretty satisfied from seeing inside the video & also blog, what they had inside their boxes every month. So, I registered myself. Only registered, I did not subscribe yet. As you all know (or I think you don’t know.haha), I am a searching & analysis freak. Before I buy something, it is a must I do some review checking about it. I will dig deep, deep into the holes where God knows where. haha. Well, not all, only on those products that I am not knowing what I will be getting or those online shopping products, especially makeup items.

So, I did search for makeup research and reviews regarding about this box and most of them were pretty satisfied with what they have. So in January, I did my part by subscribe to a box. I only do monthly for RM39.90. They will deduct the amount onto my Paypal concurrent account and I gain 0 points for this subs. If you want to collect points, you could go for the RM119.70 for quarterly subscription. I do not have that much money to just pay a lump sump of RM119.70 for 4 month so that is why I am sticking to RM39.90. Besides, you could cancel your subscription anytime before a particular date. :)

If you haven’t tried Wonderbox, give them a go! Up to this date, there has never been a dissatisfied customer yet! ;)

Subscribe here :

Products inside my box :

Ronasutra Mineral Foundation Powder (Full size)

Ronasutra Anti-Bacteria Sponge

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer (5mL)

Murad Vitalic Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask

Elianto Nutri Rouge lipstick (Full size!) 

Hair Chalks (Brown & Yellow)

Murad online shopping voucher

Rose petals in a heart shaped box!


CNY Long holiday!

I know I know, for some people they do need to go to work but for those who are having their looong holiday, I think you are one of the luckiest! Well, not saying that I need to work but I think 4 days of weekend is just so bizarre! I mean, 2 days is not enough, I think 3 days of weekend days is enough for me but 4 days? I have no idea what to do now. Haha. These two days have been so unproductive so far. LOL. Well, I did recorded some videos and edit them and upload them to not that unproductive after all isn’t it?

Today, I watched Friends. I love that show. Who doesn’t ? And I only went out with my parents. I do want to go out by my self but my mum said that all the shops were close so I do not see any point of me going out alone. I rather sit at home and enjoy my effortless holiday. haha.


Happy Chinese New Year to you guys! :)

saturday 013


Friday, February 8, 2013

Accessories : Bling It On by Capital N


Like my necklaces? Yes. The two picture above there is actually a necklace. Looks like a collar is it? :) Nope. You have been fooled! By me and also Bling it On by Capital N! Haha. :P

This is a very fancy online accessories shop. Owned by Nisa, she sells accessories at a very very cheap price! Do not believe me? Well, she guarantee that her accessories will not be higher than RM30. Yes! Cheap! and sold out very very fast! Do check out her blog shop instagram at Bling2 and just look at the prices. :)

Usually, accessories like this would be having that cheap look but believe me this one did not have that at all. It looks like I bought it at some expensive shop somewhere! Especiallu the black collar that I wore on the above picture. So well made and I think it is similar to the Padini or H&M accessories. Quality assured!

What are you waiting for! I heard that after CNY, they will be having more new accessories coming up! Bangles and necklaces.

Shop shop shop!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day ?? (Tak ingat)–Toujours Collagen Dust Experience

Okay all, just want to update a little bit about my experience with this miracle dust. As you know, and read about my previous past experience with this collagen I have nothing to share now. All the same thing like no oil on my face, my face is not shining anymore and bla bla bla.

I just want to say that, now my skin complexion is improving each and every day. With the collagen dust, my face now is evenly colored and it looks lively. I shared it with a friend of mine and she said that her face is now no longer oilier. That was like after 2 days she’s using it. But now I don’t know if she likes it now or not.

And one thing that I notice, I did get a little bit of pimples here and there. Maybe because I change the moisturizer from Naruko back to Olay Whitening. :) Apart from that, I just love my skin condition now rather than before. It looks lively even without foundation and just with some powder. Pores has been smaller each and every day. I do not even have that HUGE blackheads anymore.

Just some updates.


BOTD–Urban Decay Eye Shadow (Fishnet)


Urban decay. Who does not know this brand please raise your hands now. I know none will raise their hands as we all are now very familiar with this particular brand. Starting with the totally viral NAKED palette eye shadow and then the sequel of it, NAKED2 palette and now other NAKED, SMOKED, VICE and more palettes coming soon. Not to mentioned the other stuffs that they had on their counter such as the raved PERVERSION eyeliner which is seriously pigmented and stays on forever (Well, not forever) on your eye. Will get mine on that eyeliner soon.

But today in this entry it is not about eyeliner, it is about this GORGEOUS eye shadow that I am falling in love with. My first encounter with this eye shadow is last month. I know, I do not go to Sephora that much. It was on one of the new palettes from Urban Decay. If I am not mistaken, it was on the FUN palette 2012 (see picture below). I swatch all the eye shadow on this palette and fell in love with one of them. FISHNET is the name.

Look how gorgeous is this eye shadow. I could not even describe the color. It looks pink sometimes purple and has a little blue undertones in it as well. It is very silky and velvety and quite sheer. It is buildable so less is better with this baby. As all of you know, Urban Decay eye shadow is serious expensive, this one costs me RM69.

What is your favorite eye shadow from Urban Decay? I have several that I love. Fishnet is one of them. :)


* Credit to for this picture*

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BOTD : Vanity Trove February (Malaysia Edition)


Hello ladies and gents! I know I know my blog has not been updated since last week. I am quite busy with work and also a long holiday for KL-ians so I have not yet been asking myself to blog. But now I am back! Yayness! And I would like to blog about my Vanity Trove February Eiditon 2013 (Malaysian version)

If you have been a subscriber to Vanity Trove since last week you would know what Vanity Trove is actually originally from Singapore. But they do shipped to Malaysia and Thailand as well at that time (For Thai please do not quote me on that, I am not that sure of :) ) for RM60 /month /box. But now, we already have Vanity Trove Malaysia! And I am so happy! Why so? Because all of the vouchers and discounts are finally made for Malaysian people as well! So now I can use the Malaysian ringgit voucher to buy any items that I love to.

So, without further ado I would like to introduce to you this February month Vanity Trove! And yes, it arrived quite late early February week as last week was a holiday in Kuala Lumpur. :)

Items inside :

1. Benefit The Porefessional

2. Oriks BB Cream

3. Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Hand and Nail Cream

4. SP Repair Shampoo

5. SP Repair Mask

6. 2 Merci Chocolates

7. Oriks Twister Essence

8. B-liv blackhead remover

9. Personal touch card!

For this month’s trove, I rate them 10/10 as I LOVE all of the items so much! So sachets, they were all sample sizes which I think is very worth it! I have tried the SP Repair Shampoo the night I got the trove and am loving it so far! I smell a review coming soon for that one! :)

If you have not yet subscribe to Vanity Trove Malaysia, just log in to and register yourself there!

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