Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BOTD–Neogence Extremely Off Heads Serum


Hello girls and guys! Yes. This is a non gender product. Both can use it! If you think you have acne that just wont shrink down, still red and looks inviting for you to pop them out, you may want to read about this incredible serum!

I have this serum inside one of the beauty boxes that I have subscribed. But you can get the same brand at SASA. This is I think, the sample size ones. 5mL only.

The ingredients were Fruit Acid, Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat and Watch Hazel Leaf Extract. I have no idea of what are those but I think it is some safe ingredients to use on my face especially on my acne and pore problems. I think the way of this serum works is that it penetrates onto our skin/pores/acne and gives give some tweeks on the dead skin cells, clogged pores and other skin problem. I believe that it could also improve skin problems as well. I have not seen my scars faded that much but it did fades some little acne scars that I have on my forehead.

Sadly I have not take any photo of the product inside this sample but it looks like a medium consistency oil / serum. Not that thick and not that runny either. I love this product. I tried them before, just because I have this small acne on my forehead and I just wanted to try this out and hopefully it works well. It is such a miracle that not only it works superbly well, it also works super fast too! I once put it on my big acne that I have, before I went to sleep and on the next day I woke up, it shrinks! I mean, like really  really shrinks! No more redness!

This one I think similar to the origins spot remover but I don’t know how much that origins would cost but this one costs around RM60 – RM70 at SASA I supposed.

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