Thursday, February 7, 2013

BOTD–Urban Decay Eye Shadow (Fishnet)


Urban decay. Who does not know this brand please raise your hands now. I know none will raise their hands as we all are now very familiar with this particular brand. Starting with the totally viral NAKED palette eye shadow and then the sequel of it, NAKED2 palette and now other NAKED, SMOKED, VICE and more palettes coming soon. Not to mentioned the other stuffs that they had on their counter such as the raved PERVERSION eyeliner which is seriously pigmented and stays on forever (Well, not forever) on your eye. Will get mine on that eyeliner soon.

But today in this entry it is not about eyeliner, it is about this GORGEOUS eye shadow that I am falling in love with. My first encounter with this eye shadow is last month. I know, I do not go to Sephora that much. It was on one of the new palettes from Urban Decay. If I am not mistaken, it was on the FUN palette 2012 (see picture below). I swatch all the eye shadow on this palette and fell in love with one of them. FISHNET is the name.

Look how gorgeous is this eye shadow. I could not even describe the color. It looks pink sometimes purple and has a little blue undertones in it as well. It is very silky and velvety and quite sheer. It is buildable so less is better with this baby. As all of you know, Urban Decay eye shadow is serious expensive, this one costs me RM69.

What is your favorite eye shadow from Urban Decay? I have several that I love. Fishnet is one of them. :)


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