Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dream room


I have this dream, of creating a really really cozy and lovely room. Take a look at the picture above. Some part I really LOVE and some are just not my favorite at all. For an instance, I do not like the bed rest (is that what they call?), that white fluffy board behind the bed. I really like the glass closet on the left side of the picture and the lighting on the right side of the picture.

I have this dream where I have a long window inside my bedroom where I could have more natural morning lights. Instead of having the old school window that you can see from the old modern houses here in Malaysia. I like my bedroom to be as bright when it comes to morning time and as cozy when it comes to the night time.


As for color theme, I have no intended to paint my room pink or purple or red. No for me. I like colors like the picture above. Cool tone brown colors. Not the hot tones. But I just have to beware not to pack way too much brown furniture as it tends to make my room looks smaller. And I wanted a wall paper too, just at some portion of the room and not the whole of it, exactly like the picture above.

I have my dream room. Do you? :)

Pictures credited to google.

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