Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just don’t be way too much…

Take it easy my friend. From what happened to you, now I seriously believe that God can take away things from us as simple as 1,2,3. God can take whatever that He wants as it was His property at the first place. So, after what I have seen in your situation now, I believe that God can take away everything that He wants to from me anytime, any place. I do hope people could actually open up their eyes and mind and realize this. Not that you can’t be happy and overly happy. You can. Your joy is yours. But, you just have to remember not to be overwhelm and over joyed by things surrounding you.

I do hope a friend of mine here will realize that she will be loved by her fans and families no matter what. What happened has already happened. You have to be professional and strong. Listen to what your family has for you. Your mom and dad is your No.1 supporter. They will never ever do things that would hurt you permanently. Yes, we can plan but only God knows everything. So I do hope you stay strong no matter what and where you go.

I just suggest you and your family to take a break for a while and go for a holiday. Surely just go and visit your grandparents or even you can suggest to fly away to London or maybe umrah. Just silent up your phones and everything. Put that aside and just let your heart think together with your mind. I know you are totally upset right now. Like “seriously-fatal-upset” kind of upset. But just remember, you have your supporters behind you all the time. #shilalas right?

So, I just want to say, be strong and just be the way you are. You want to cry, cry. You want to shout, shout. Do what ever you want. But of course, with the permission of your parents. Just don’t do some weird things, and you’ll be alright. If you think you want to fight for this love again, just do it. who cares what people say. I think if you believe in yourself, sooner or later people will believe in you as well.

Shine bright like a diamond little sis.

Loads of love.

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