Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Such a weird but fun movie.



I came across this movie when I am trying to search for Hilary Duff’s mosic video and series. I used to like her acting a lot before this. And now that she’s married and all that, she’s no longer appear in the TV / movies anymore. With her son Luca, I think she’s one of the most sporting and cute mother.

This According to Greta movie is kind of depressing for me to watch but it was fun at the same time. The depressing part is similar when you are watching Gossip Girl character’s Serena, being punished and blamed and left but still trust her best friends anyway. So, that’s kind of a depressing thing for me to watch. I have stopped watch Gossip Girl since I don’t know when. Because it’s way to depressing to watch. Haha. Oh yes back to the story, it is about this girl who had never met her dad and was living with her mom and the boyfriend (mommy’s boyfriend) and was asked to live with her grandparents during summer vacation. While she was at her grandparents house, she did things that could make you think that she’s the most stupid girl ever. I do not want to spoil the storyline here that much. I want you guys to watch it. :)

It’s a simple story but to some, it could meant a lot. The deliverance of the stories looks natural at some point and the storyline is quite good for me. Of course, it involve people who always said that they prefer dying than living.

I only can recognize Hilary Duff in this movie. Others are not recognizable. :)

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