Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel Size?

Hi all,

I will be traveling to Johor Bahru soon and to Singapore. When packing for travelling, I used to bring everything that I use everyday at home, to where I am travelling. Especially face products and beauty health things.

I find that not all of the products that I used have travel size so I just need to depot some of the products that I have in full size, into something smaller. Thanks to Daiso, my dreams has become a reality. Now, no more fuss I can bring even my favorite shampoo at home (believe me, hotel shampoo sucks.) and conditioner together with me!

In the picture below, I have 3 cute containers that contain some of my critical need products. I need to have them like every single day if not, I would DIE! (yeah theoretically speaking).

In the Blue squeeze bottle I have my Pantene Pro V Nature Care Natural Shine Booster Essence. (what a long name!)

In the Pink squeeze bottle I have my Felinna inch loss lotion (which I use multipurposely! Even I dap a little on a mosquito bite! haha)

In the small Pink jar I have my Udder Milk Cream from Moogoo. Basically for my eczema and dry skin.

So there, I can have all three of these items instantly as I always carry them around with me inside my handbag. :)

This is one of the way, if you have a serious skin disorientation where you just can’t simply use hotel’s soaps and shampoo. I have other products too that I have deported as well back at home. Shampoo, soaps, night jelly..and counting. :)


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