Sunday, March 31, 2013

I talk cars

I love red cars. I don’t know why. But if I wanted to buy a car, I want it to be red. I only like red for cars and not for others. Very peculiar instead! Haha. I have tested out some great and affordable red cars that I might be getting in the future. The first one would be my most favorite, Ford. I just love this car. The interior, the exterior, the price (yeah..expensivo!) and what the car could offer.


The red makes this car looks yummier! Red for a car is not common but it it not that many on the road here in KL. People mostly prefer it to be black or silver or maybe white. Red car makes me feel like I am a racer. I know this sounds stupid but red cars could make me feel safe if I am driving in it. It is sort of like a protection color to me.

The second car that I have been to is Honda Jazz. Never in my life, I would wanted to buy a Honda Jazz. Previously, this car costs like above RM100k! Seriously expensive! I rather buy my Ford than. Haha. But now, with the hybrid engine the price reduced up to RM80k++ only (depends on the variant). This car is wide. Once entered, I can see a lot of mirror. I love the odometer. It changes colors to indicate whether we are using the battery or the fuel. Cool! I don’t know if I could drive this car at night as the color will kind of like distract me. I know, I am a slave for colors. I think colors are very important in my life.


Next would be the Toyota Prius C. I used to like this car before but my boyfriend doesn’t like it. After he tested it out, he seems like LOVE this car so much. It has more than what a Honda Jazz could offer. As a girl, the one that grabs my attention is the odometer. It even says hi when I start the battery / engine. This is the most quietest car I have ever been on. And I seriously like this car, a lot! Yes I know, Ford is still my number 1. But this one will be my number 1 in hybrid section. I do hope so I could get this car. Toyota, is the pioneer for hybrid car so no wonder they could have this car. I think, I will have one if I have the money and reason to do so. Haha.


All red cars are stunning to me. What about you? I know you must have your own personal favorite color on cars. Or maybe your favorite car? :)

Visit Toyota website now for their new ‘My First Hybrid’ offer! It’s seriously intriguing

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Unboxing : Vanity Trove April


Another unboxing entry! This time it is the Vanity Trove Malaysia time! I wasn’t expecting to receive my box today as Vanity Trove had always been delaying their boxes delivery. This time, it came early like before the month of the boxes itself! So, here it goes my April Vanity Trove unboxing revealed!

After being down by the previous box, this month they really DID it! It’s is like, a whole lotta stuffs going on here! Even the sachets are acceptable as it is not only one but 5 sachets for the same products!! Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Items received :

- ORIKS Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Water Cream (RM398 for 50g)

- KATE eyeshadow Blendzone (RM49)

- Perkins Nail Wrap (RM39.90 for 20 strips)

- Kiladoll Red Wine Q10 Face mask

- Narciso Rodriguez ‘For Her’ vial perfume

- CLARINS White Intensive Brightening Serum ( RM295 for 30ml) + 50% discounts on any facial or body treatment at Clarins KLCC

Now, Vanity Trove has downgraded the price of their monthly boxes to be from RM60 to RM50, lower price but still great items every month! Grab your next box now at so that we can share together our experiences in each boxes!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Unboxing : Wonderbox March 2013


Wonderbox March has arrived! Yayness! You know I LOVE subscription boxes like this. So let’s just dig into the items that I have received for this month box.

This time, the ribbon color is black! Hehe.

The first item that I noticed once I opened up my wonderbox were Murad products. I think for this month, nearly 80% of the products were from Murad. Murad is this one expensive beauty facial brand and I am so glad that I could test some of the products. But too bad, I could not test them out right now hopefully soon. :)

If you are into beauty boxes subscription, do subscribe to wonderbox at You will never know what are the items that you’ll be getting next month! For RM39, you will definitely get some items that is worth more than what you’d pay for. :)

Items inside my box :

- Murad Oil Free Sunblock SPF30, 10ml sample size (RM170/50ml)

- Murad Active Radiance Serum, 3.7ml sample size (RM398/30ml)

- Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, 10ml sample size (RM298/50ml)

- Elianto Fionatto blush , full size 4.5g (RM19 each)

- Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Rejuvenating Hand Creme, 30ml

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unboxing : Truly-Nuts


Truly Nuts. My first encounter with them was at The Curve street bazaar. I was so eager to see that we do actually have a healthy and diet munches that can be send to us every month via mail! I always watch StyleSuzi have this diet munches delivered to her every month so I decided to give this a go.

I personally choose the Energy Box because I wanted more energy. When it arrived, I was eager to see what type of nuts did I get. Being a non nutty person, I tend to open each and smell them before I eat. I only eat peanuts. So I am not exposed to other nuts. Hmm..maybe walnuts will do. And Hazelnuts. Hehe. But my favorite will always be peanuts.

In my packaging, it has a lot of seeds and nuts. I like the walnuts and the Brazilian nuts. My boyfriend likes the seed type a lot! So I give it to him all the seeds. As for the rest, I shared it with my office mates. Promoting the service that Truly-Nuts has.

If you are crazy over nuts, do check out and order one for yourself!

Ingredients inside my Energy Box :

Tango Brazilian nuts

Forest Walnuts

Hulk Pumpkins

Kuaci of Confucious

Pure Macadamias

Lovely Almonds


And more.. (I could not remember the types. I forgot where did I put the pamphlet)

And below are some of the yummy nuts that you could have inside your nutty box! :) You could choose from any of the boxes offered! How cool is that? Either you wanted more energy, or you are perhaps in a diet or maybe balance them up! As simple as 1,2,3!


Box Balance Close UpBox Diet Close UpBox Energy Close Up

Apart from that, they also offered some other ‘recipes’ as well. Check out all the pictures below (they have more actually but here are just some of them). I warn you, all of them looks delicious yummy!

 Brazil Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Liquorice OlivesMacadamias, Watermelon Seeds, ApricotsWalnuts Dried Figs Wintermelon

Apart from nuts, they also offers herbs to all herbal lovers out there. See for yourself if you don’t believe it. Just plant those herbs and it will grow like an angel. 130218 - Day 45 Herbs Garden

* Day 45 – Herbs garden *

121215 - Day 1 - Herbs Garden121225 - Day 10 - Herbs Garden

What are you waiting for! For new customers, you could get discounts! (See below)

New Customers
We would like to welcome and introduce to all our new customers to a healthy diet!
For a limited time, we are giving you: -
New customers only: 
A special discount of RM2.00 off your first box.
Simply enter the following code into the discount coupon tab during checkout: – D5V2DMXSFVLA


Come and try this new way of nut tasting. All nuts are imported for all over the world!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Food food food!

I love to eat. But I am a quite food picker. I tend to eat what I can only swallow. People always asked me whether the food that I am ordering is ‘sedap’ or tasty. I always told them, whenever I can swallow the food that I am eating, that means the food is tasty to me. haha. Simple explanation on tasty foods.

I do not know how people rate food as tasty. I mean, if something that I could not swallow, I always say that it is not tasty therefore I will never eat that food again.

In Malaysia, we have a lot of varieties of foods all around, Malays, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Westerns, Eastern, Southern, Northern. I know, A LOT! Personally I cannot have a favorite food. As an eater myself, I eat a lot!

bbw 004

Above here is from Gold Chilli restaurant. Yes. In Subang Section 15. I like this shop as it has a set menu. 1 rice + 1 bowl of soup + main dish only costs like below RM20. And the dish can be shared for two person! Above here is the squid in sweet sauce. It is yummy!!! I LOVE and recommend everyone to try it out. :)

fancybox 020

Here, I have this delicious brownie from DOME. It is seriously yummy, the most yummiest brownie that I have had for years! I used to LOVE Rasta brownie but this one is heaven to me. With the price starts like around RM15++ (if I am not mistaken), this is worth every single penny! And again, you can share it too! You have to try this when you are at DOME. Deliciousness overload!

beli hd baru 002

Eat healthy they said. Okay sure! This one can be considered as healthy. It has low fat yoghurt + Fruits (berries, pineapple, longans) + oats biscuits. Yes. This mason jar full with deliciousness is made by yours truly, me. :p It is very simple to do. No cooking skills required. You just layer up each layer with the items that you want to. Simple.

So, do you feel hungry already? Go and eat! ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unboxing : Fancybox March 2013


I have been introduced to fancybox by my friend who did subscribe to the February Fancybox. Keen to know what I would get from the items that they have inside the fancy website, I subscribe myself to one of the March Fancybox. It is quite expensive, USD 30 for the box and USD 17 for the shipping. But since I like to get surprises (which I rarely have lately), I subscribed.

My first fancy box arrived yesterday. And I was so happy! I did know what I would get from my friend’s box that arrived at the office and at that time, I was eyeing on the tumbler. I was praying that I would be getting the same tumbler as I love tumbler very very much. :) And o I got it! If you want to have sort of like a birthday present every month (which you pay for yourself. haha), you should definitely check this Fancy box out!

Items that I received and it’s price :

1. Clocky Rolling Away Alarm Clock – USD 40

2. Broom Groomer Mini – USD 15

3. Pilot and Captain Tee Shirt – USD 32

4. Citrus Zinger Watter Bottle – USD 15

Total up : USD 102

And I pay for only USD 47 per month for this box. :) Happiness overload!

Subscribe to fancy box now at

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Girl stuff : Pads

A lot of girls nowadays have variety types of pads that they could choose. Each has similar effect and not that bizarre. It is just the branding that makes the price go higher and higher. We have loads of types like maxi, night, slim, heavy flow, winged and etc. Personally, my favorite is maxi without wings. But, since Kotex has this very fun looking pads that has a colourful design (I know who are going to see those anyway but I like them. HAHA), I have to use the winged ones instead just because of the pattern on the side of the pads.

Kotex design pads

If you are trying to see which pads are suitable for you, you can always see that if you have medium flow, you could choose a maxi pad instead. For night time, try to look at longer and wider pads. I am currently using Kotex 28cm night pads, winged for heavy flow. But I am not so much on the heavy flow side. I just want the pad to be longer. Even if I am going to work, I will use a longer pad instead. As we will be sitting for almost a day, I do not want my pads to leak.

Talking about pads, you can also use panty liners if you think that your time of the month is near or is nearly finish. LUXE panty liners from Kotex are one of my favorite. I would also do for CAREFREE brand of panty liners as well. I love the thinness of the pad and sometimes, they do come with a scent to it as well. But, I do not really like the scented ones. It makes no difference at all to me. So I usually get the unscented ones.

Sometimes, you may encounter with KOTEX LUXE Ultra thin night pads. You can use this type of pads if your flow is not that heavy and not that medium too. Or maybe around the last days of your period.

Choose wisely. You may think it is not that important but it is actually. :)

Monday, March 18, 2013


I am more into jdorama than korean drama. I don’t know why and please don’t ask me why. Maybe my soul is more onto Japanese rather than Korean. I have tried to watch some famous Korean drama but failed to even finish 10mins of the first episode. And again, I don’t know why.

Japanese drama or the so called Jdorama is full with characters and facial expressions and names and cute stuff. Even the guys looks cute in long hair. Plus, the girls are just so cute to watch! Hehe. Not that I am a lesbian or anything but they have wearable makeup and I tend to copy their makeup once I get the picture of how they do it. Plus, the language really really made me want to watch it again and again.

My favorite Jdorama is Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) of course Japanese version. They have Korean and also Taiwanese but I think the Japanese suits my soul a lot. I can watch the drama season 1 and 2 and even the movie over and over and over again. It’s a very cute series of drama after all.

Not only the drama, I have the full soundtrack of this so called drama / movie too. It gives such a BIG impact to me and the drama. Example as per below video.

In case if you are wondering who is Tsukuchi. It’s the heroin, the girl who caught the heart of the F4 leader. The girl who is simple, but yet so strong. Well, I think you should watch this series if you want to know more. Who is F4 and what they did. What happened to Tsukuchi’s love life and so on. It’s has been some ups and downs but still can be accepted and adapted in real life.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Japanese Language

I have been obsessed with Japanese language since I don’t know when. My dad has always been in a very good relationship with Japanese people when he was working under the government and he had this one good friend of him who worked here in Malaysia at that time, who is a Japanese. And from there, listening to their conversation and everything, watching jdorama (Boys over flowers and hanazakari) makes me feel like Japanese language is a fun and interesting one to learn. I tried to learn hiragana by myself but I stopped half way. It is way to hard to learn a new culture and language without support and mentor. So I think, sometime this year, I will enroll myself for the beginner I class of Japanese language. I can’t wait! Maybe after all, I have to enroll on their Saturday class at ICLS, 2-4pm. I like Wednesday class but for me, Saturday class sounds better.


This is Hiragana. In Japanese, if I am not mistaken they have many types of calligraphy. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji are some of them. I have heard (or read) somewhere that not all Japanese people could read or write Kanji. So, it must be a very difficult to learn.  Hiragana is somewhat the common ones, used in everyday in Japan. Katakana is derived from more of a complex kanji. It is widely used when translating other languages into Japanese. I still have more time to learn Katakana. I haven’t still memorize all the Hiragana. :(


Visit : for more details on Japanese and other languages class! :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


What do you know about fate? Does your fate is the last resort? Does fate comes and go whenever it wants to? What is really a fate? Does destiny is also fate?

People always say, “Accept your fate”. How do you really accept them? By just knowing that you are fate to be at that particular time does it mean that even if you are not thinking about that time, you will still be there? Can you change your fate?

To me, fate is a very subjective word. Every person has their own belief and answer regarding about fate. My fate is different from others. I believe that I could not change fate unless if Allah wants me to. My fate has been written. My Qada and Qadar. But it doesn’t mean that I do not have to strive for the best. We try our best, we failed but that is not going to be our fate forever. We are not going to be a failure most of our lifetime. Fate cannot be change but we can believe that it could be change. Fate is something that could make us strong. Fate sometimes can be the only answer to why we fail or why we succeed. Fate could improve our faith in everything. Some people rely way too much on fate, they just do not know how to strive for the best anymore.

Fate is a dangerous word. Fate could drop you just in a nick of time. Fate could make you happy in a blink of an eye.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food for Thoughts - Chatime

chatime picture

Chatime phenomena. I have been a regular Chatime drinker since my first sip of Chatime which is the famously Pearl Milk Tea. I do not really like the Pearl even when back in school days, there was this aunty that sells this kind of drinks as well at the bus stop and me and my friends used to buy the drink from her like every single day and at that time I always say ‘no biji’ meaning that no pearl. RM2.50 I think for a cup is quite expensive.

Now, we have this bubble tea every where! Different shops all together. Ding Tea is one of the famous ones too I guess. My favorite drink from chatime used to be Grass Jelly Milk Tea. But then I venture into something else which is the Grass Tea Milk. And then I tasted the Horlicks and fall in love with it instantly. Now, I am loving the Strawberry Pudding au Lait.

What is your favorite? :)

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