Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BOTD–March Vanity Trove Box


Another beauty box for MARCH! Finally my Vanity Trove box arrived on Tuesday. I have been waiting to see what did I received for this month’s trove. It is quite a late shipment as per Valerie’s email, the trove is late again because of the Chinese New Year long holidays. So lets see what items did I received on this month trove shall we?

LUNASOL SMOOTHING MAKEUP BASE – A sachet type of packaging which I am not a big fan of but this time, I approve as the item is just a makeup base. Sometimes, sachet can be quite easy to store as well as it does not take that much space. :)

LUNASOL Skin Fusing Powder Foundation – This cute thing just gets my eye straight away once I opened my box. I have not yet tested the color to see if it did match my skin or not as I can’t wear any makeup for now. But I will get back to you soon for the review on this powder foundation. ;)

SENSIPLUS HYDRASILK GEL TONIC – I am not familiar with the brand. Maybe it is being sold at SASA. Most of the unusual brands that I have received from Vanity Trove is available at SASA. This I believe is like a moisturizer in a form of a gel.

SENSIPLUS HYDRASILK DAY & NIGHT CREAM – Another item from Sensiplus but I will do try them out once I have done with my product testing phase right now. This is a face cream which you can use during night time and day time as well. It has SPF 10 in it which will protect you from UV rays.

ASIAN POTION HAND AND BODY POTIONS – A cream form type of potions here. It smells great! I have not yet test this one out as I still have my Di Palomo Tucsan Rose cream which is my current favorite hand and nail cream at the moment.

TIMELESS TRUTH ORCHID EXTRAXT REPLENISHING MASK – I have a lot of mask that I need to somehow test them out. This is one of them. I bet it smells like orchid. does orchid smells like? hehe.

BIO-ESSENCE BIRD’S NEST BIO ENERGY FIRM AND BRIGHTENING EYE CREAM -  A cute packaging this was! I have not yet test out bio essence products before. I will try this one soon. :)

Have not yet subscribe to vanity trove?

You may do it here and subscribe now! You don’t know what is going to be inside your trove for the upcoming months!

I am so excited for my next trove.


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