Friday, March 8, 2013

BOTD–Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow, LOREAL Infalliable Eyeshadow & Urban Decay Eyeshadow


Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

I have now 4 colors of this eyeshadow and each has their own texture and different experience I have with each of them.

Upper level L-R : Edgy Emerald, Bold Gold

Lower lever L-R : Tenacious Teal, Tough as Taupe

For instance, the color Tough as taupe is a sort of like a matte based eyeshadow whilst the most creamiest is the Bold Gold. I cannot actually wear Bold gold without any eye primer. It will just slipped away an instant I swipe them a few swipes onto my eyelids. Which is something that I am not favorable of I guess. But I will talk more on these eyeshadow on my haul / review video soon!


LOREAL Color Infallible Eyeshadow

Another eyeshadow that I have been trying to test out is from LOREAL. I have been seeing all the beauty gurus were raving about this specific eyeshadow. Some were good and some were like so-so only. Now, I could get my hands on these eyeshadow and give it a try. I know in Malaysia they do have the infalliable eyeshadow in bight pink color and baby blue color but I was not that keen about the color at that time. Now, I bought a very soft pink color and a green color.

L-R : Golden Sage, Naughty Strawberry.

This specific eyeshadow texture is a little bit weird for me. It seems to have a lot of fallouts but when I apply a stroke on my eyelids by using my finger, it came out with this silky texture instead! Hehe



Since my NAKED Palette, I have been in love with Urban Decay eyeshadow but it is quite pricey for a piece of an eyeshadow like this. But, since I cannot find these two colors any where (I did searched for high and low end eyeshadow including makeupgeeks), I decided to buy these two colors from Urban Decay.

The two colors were HIJACK and WOODSTOCK. Woodstock were the color that I have been waiting and searching for. The texture and the color matches my pre requisite a lot! So, I decided to buy this one even it is quite pricey for one. The pink color in Woodstock is not that bright nor not that light either. It is just perfect for those who wanted to make a smokey pink color but do not want your eyes to be looking like it has been punched by someone.

HIJACK was weird. This is the color that I have no idea what type it falls into. It could be green or blue. I asked my boyfriend what color is this and he said it was blue. I think it is more of like a torn jeans color. HAHA. Well, weird colors like this makes me wanna have it! So, I bought this one because it is weird. Not ordinary color at all!

My Maybelline & Loreal eyeshadow I bought at

Colours Cosmetics



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