Sunday, March 24, 2013

Food food food!

I love to eat. But I am a quite food picker. I tend to eat what I can only swallow. People always asked me whether the food that I am ordering is ‘sedap’ or tasty. I always told them, whenever I can swallow the food that I am eating, that means the food is tasty to me. haha. Simple explanation on tasty foods.

I do not know how people rate food as tasty. I mean, if something that I could not swallow, I always say that it is not tasty therefore I will never eat that food again.

In Malaysia, we have a lot of varieties of foods all around, Malays, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Westerns, Eastern, Southern, Northern. I know, A LOT! Personally I cannot have a favorite food. As an eater myself, I eat a lot!

bbw 004

Above here is from Gold Chilli restaurant. Yes. In Subang Section 15. I like this shop as it has a set menu. 1 rice + 1 bowl of soup + main dish only costs like below RM20. And the dish can be shared for two person! Above here is the squid in sweet sauce. It is yummy!!! I LOVE and recommend everyone to try it out. :)

fancybox 020

Here, I have this delicious brownie from DOME. It is seriously yummy, the most yummiest brownie that I have had for years! I used to LOVE Rasta brownie but this one is heaven to me. With the price starts like around RM15++ (if I am not mistaken), this is worth every single penny! And again, you can share it too! You have to try this when you are at DOME. Deliciousness overload!

beli hd baru 002

Eat healthy they said. Okay sure! This one can be considered as healthy. It has low fat yoghurt + Fruits (berries, pineapple, longans) + oats biscuits. Yes. This mason jar full with deliciousness is made by yours truly, me. :p It is very simple to do. No cooking skills required. You just layer up each layer with the items that you want to. Simple.

So, do you feel hungry already? Go and eat! ;)

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