Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food for Thoughts - Chatime

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Chatime phenomena. I have been a regular Chatime drinker since my first sip of Chatime which is the famously Pearl Milk Tea. I do not really like the Pearl even when back in school days, there was this aunty that sells this kind of drinks as well at the bus stop and me and my friends used to buy the drink from her like every single day and at that time I always say ‘no biji’ meaning that no pearl. RM2.50 I think for a cup is quite expensive.

Now, we have this bubble tea every where! Different shops all together. Ding Tea is one of the famous ones too I guess. My favorite drink from chatime used to be Grass Jelly Milk Tea. But then I venture into something else which is the Grass Tea Milk. And then I tasted the Horlicks and fall in love with it instantly. Now, I am loving the Strawberry Pudding au Lait.

What is your favorite? :)

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