Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food for thoughts : Yoghurt Parfait (Fruits)


Mason Jar Fruit Parfait (Yoghurt)

2 fruit flavored yoghurt (I choose strawberry for this one)

2 plain yoghurt

4 packets of oat biscuits (I used the ones from Julie with strawberry flavored)

1 tin of pineapple fruit

1 pack of blueberries

1 tin of longans

(you can use any fruits you want to. I prefer frozen fruits but I could not find any at my nearest store)

2 mason jars 250ml


The steps are pretty simple. Just add anything that you want to by layers. I add in the plain yoghurt first so that I wont have those plain taste as the juice from my next layer which is the blueberries will absorb inside them. Then I layer my next fruit which is my pineapple chunks and add on strawberry yoghurt on top of it. Next the biscuit that I have crumbed them up. You may use oats that has been cooked in an oven for 2-3 minutes but I prefer oats biscuits as it tends to have that cheesecakes crumbs. hehe. Then, another top of my plain yoghurt and last layer would be my longans!


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