Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Girl stuff : Pads

A lot of girls nowadays have variety types of pads that they could choose. Each has similar effect and not that bizarre. It is just the branding that makes the price go higher and higher. We have loads of types like maxi, night, slim, heavy flow, winged and etc. Personally, my favorite is maxi without wings. But, since Kotex has this very fun looking pads that has a colourful design (I know who are going to see those anyway but I like them. HAHA), I have to use the winged ones instead just because of the pattern on the side of the pads.

Kotex design pads

If you are trying to see which pads are suitable for you, you can always see that if you have medium flow, you could choose a maxi pad instead. For night time, try to look at longer and wider pads. I am currently using Kotex 28cm night pads, winged for heavy flow. But I am not so much on the heavy flow side. I just want the pad to be longer. Even if I am going to work, I will use a longer pad instead. As we will be sitting for almost a day, I do not want my pads to leak.

Talking about pads, you can also use panty liners if you think that your time of the month is near or is nearly finish. LUXE panty liners from Kotex are one of my favorite. I would also do for CAREFREE brand of panty liners as well. I love the thinness of the pad and sometimes, they do come with a scent to it as well. But, I do not really like the scented ones. It makes no difference at all to me. So I usually get the unscented ones.

Sometimes, you may encounter with KOTEX LUXE Ultra thin night pads. You can use this type of pads if your flow is not that heavy and not that medium too. Or maybe around the last days of your period.

Choose wisely. You may think it is not that important but it is actually. :)

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