Sunday, March 31, 2013

I talk cars

I love red cars. I don’t know why. But if I wanted to buy a car, I want it to be red. I only like red for cars and not for others. Very peculiar instead! Haha. I have tested out some great and affordable red cars that I might be getting in the future. The first one would be my most favorite, Ford. I just love this car. The interior, the exterior, the price (yeah..expensivo!) and what the car could offer.


The red makes this car looks yummier! Red for a car is not common but it it not that many on the road here in KL. People mostly prefer it to be black or silver or maybe white. Red car makes me feel like I am a racer. I know this sounds stupid but red cars could make me feel safe if I am driving in it. It is sort of like a protection color to me.

The second car that I have been to is Honda Jazz. Never in my life, I would wanted to buy a Honda Jazz. Previously, this car costs like above RM100k! Seriously expensive! I rather buy my Ford than. Haha. But now, with the hybrid engine the price reduced up to RM80k++ only (depends on the variant). This car is wide. Once entered, I can see a lot of mirror. I love the odometer. It changes colors to indicate whether we are using the battery or the fuel. Cool! I don’t know if I could drive this car at night as the color will kind of like distract me. I know, I am a slave for colors. I think colors are very important in my life.


Next would be the Toyota Prius C. I used to like this car before but my boyfriend doesn’t like it. After he tested it out, he seems like LOVE this car so much. It has more than what a Honda Jazz could offer. As a girl, the one that grabs my attention is the odometer. It even says hi when I start the battery / engine. This is the most quietest car I have ever been on. And I seriously like this car, a lot! Yes I know, Ford is still my number 1. But this one will be my number 1 in hybrid section. I do hope so I could get this car. Toyota, is the pioneer for hybrid car so no wonder they could have this car. I think, I will have one if I have the money and reason to do so. Haha.


All red cars are stunning to me. What about you? I know you must have your own personal favorite color on cars. Or maybe your favorite car? :)

Visit Toyota website now for their new ‘My First Hybrid’ offer! It’s seriously intriguing

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