Thursday, March 14, 2013

Japanese Language

I have been obsessed with Japanese language since I don’t know when. My dad has always been in a very good relationship with Japanese people when he was working under the government and he had this one good friend of him who worked here in Malaysia at that time, who is a Japanese. And from there, listening to their conversation and everything, watching jdorama (Boys over flowers and hanazakari) makes me feel like Japanese language is a fun and interesting one to learn. I tried to learn hiragana by myself but I stopped half way. It is way to hard to learn a new culture and language without support and mentor. So I think, sometime this year, I will enroll myself for the beginner I class of Japanese language. I can’t wait! Maybe after all, I have to enroll on their Saturday class at ICLS, 2-4pm. I like Wednesday class but for me, Saturday class sounds better.


This is Hiragana. In Japanese, if I am not mistaken they have many types of calligraphy. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji are some of them. I have heard (or read) somewhere that not all Japanese people could read or write Kanji. So, it must be a very difficult to learn.  Hiragana is somewhat the common ones, used in everyday in Japan. Katakana is derived from more of a complex kanji. It is widely used when translating other languages into Japanese. I still have more time to learn Katakana. I haven’t still memorize all the Hiragana. :(


Visit : for more details on Japanese and other languages class! :)

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