Monday, March 4, 2013

Makeup essentials

Hello girls!

In this entry I just wanted to share with you my makeup essentials that I must have whenever I am outside travelling or at home. It is a must for me to have these,wear them and like them :p

  • Eyeliner Pencil (Black & Brown)
    • I prefer something from MAC or Urban Decay. They have that creamy and soft pencil liner that makes it easier to do lines on my eyes. I wanted to try out Urban Decay Perversion black liner. We’ll see ;
    • My current favorite eyeliner pencil is by MAC ; ENGRAVED.
  • Mascara
    • I was not a BIG fan of mascara before I knew makeup. I was afraid of them. Because I used to makeup my cousin when I was a little kid and we play around with the gel clear mascara and she could not open her eyes (we were seriously laughing about that incident whenever we talk about it.
    • Now I am in love and it’s something that I must have, either at home or during travelling.
    • My current favorite mascara is from Maybelline ; MAGNUM Volume Express Waterproof
  • Lip Scrub
    • I have been using the BAVIPHAT Apple lip scrub since 2 years ago. Last week, I encountered with LUSH lip scrub which is the Bubblegum and have been loving those ever since.
  • Lip Balm
    • I am a HUGE fan of NIVEA Pink guava lip balm. It smells great and has a little bit tint to it as well. It does it’s job very well in protecting and moistening my lip.
  • Lipstick
    • I have a lot of lipstick, ranges from matte to glossy and more. Now, my current favorite lipstick is from NYX ‘ Tearose.
  • Lip gloss
    • Another item which I hate before this. It is because it tends to make my lips very very dry and sticky. But after I found out and tested out NYX lipgloss, I am in love with them instantly!
  • Blusher (pink / coral)
    • Of course, I cannot leave my home without any blushers. I have my favorite at the moment which is from Benefit. My favorite would be Coralista. It’s a coral / pinky color blusher!

Let’s share with me what is your makeup essentials. :)

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