Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mason jars FEVER!


Just look at both of the picture. Isn’t it nice and homely when you have this jar as your mug? I do always prefer my mugs to have a handle so that I could handle them wisely. Like the ones on the picture no2. Tumbler mason jar. Perfect for a person like me who has always been drinking a lot of water at home or office. I have this obsession towards a handled tumbler and I found one perfectly for me at Starbucks but I just think a RM99 for a tumbler with the size of tall (as per Starbucks order saying) is so ridiculous and I just feel that this is not the right time for me to buy yet.

Back to mason jar fever. I am now trying to search what I could fit onto my mason jars that I just recently bought at Daiso. I have already did my yogurt parfait last few days which you could read inside this blog as well and now, I am still figuring what else I could utilize my mason jars! Hehe. Cray cray mason jars fever.

Here are some of the ideas that I think might work for me in the future using my mason jars.

1. Pasta in mason jars

2. Salads?

3. Rice with shredded chicken and a bit of mushrooms

4. CAKES!!

5. Favorite drink (green tea, milo, plain water iced, soya beans etc)

6. Chocolates / Sweets

7. Fruits with whipped cream

mason jar post 10

* Pictures credited to The Reynolds Mom *

* Yummy pasta salad! *


* Picture credited to tumblr *

* Strawberry shortenings *

What else can we do? :)

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  1. Hai, may i know where u bought those mason jars? Thank you.


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