Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unboxing : Fancybox March 2013


I have been introduced to fancybox by my friend who did subscribe to the February Fancybox. Keen to know what I would get from the items that they have inside the fancy website, I subscribe myself to one of the March Fancybox. It is quite expensive, USD 30 for the box and USD 17 for the shipping. But since I like to get surprises (which I rarely have lately), I subscribed.

My first fancy box arrived yesterday. And I was so happy! I did know what I would get from my friend’s box that arrived at the office and at that time, I was eyeing on the tumbler. I was praying that I would be getting the same tumbler as I love tumbler very very much. :) And o I got it! If you want to have sort of like a birthday present every month (which you pay for yourself. haha), you should definitely check this Fancy box out!

Items that I received and it’s price :

1. Clocky Rolling Away Alarm Clock – USD 40

2. Broom Groomer Mini – USD 15

3. Pilot and Captain Tee Shirt – USD 32

4. Citrus Zinger Watter Bottle – USD 15

Total up : USD 102

And I pay for only USD 47 per month for this box. :) Happiness overload!

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