Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unboxing : Truly-Nuts


Truly Nuts. My first encounter with them was at The Curve street bazaar. I was so eager to see that we do actually have a healthy and diet munches that can be send to us every month via mail! I always watch StyleSuzi have this diet munches delivered to her every month so I decided to give this a go.

I personally choose the Energy Box because I wanted more energy. When it arrived, I was eager to see what type of nuts did I get. Being a non nutty person, I tend to open each and smell them before I eat. I only eat peanuts. So I am not exposed to other nuts. Hmm..maybe walnuts will do. And Hazelnuts. Hehe. But my favorite will always be peanuts.

In my packaging, it has a lot of seeds and nuts. I like the walnuts and the Brazilian nuts. My boyfriend likes the seed type a lot! So I give it to him all the seeds. As for the rest, I shared it with my office mates. Promoting the service that Truly-Nuts has.

If you are crazy over nuts, do check out and order one for yourself!

Ingredients inside my Energy Box :

Tango Brazilian nuts

Forest Walnuts

Hulk Pumpkins

Kuaci of Confucious

Pure Macadamias

Lovely Almonds


And more.. (I could not remember the types. I forgot where did I put the pamphlet)

And below are some of the yummy nuts that you could have inside your nutty box! :) You could choose from any of the boxes offered! How cool is that? Either you wanted more energy, or you are perhaps in a diet or maybe balance them up! As simple as 1,2,3!


Box Balance Close UpBox Diet Close UpBox Energy Close Up

Apart from that, they also offered some other ‘recipes’ as well. Check out all the pictures below (they have more actually but here are just some of them). I warn you, all of them looks delicious yummy!

 Brazil Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Liquorice OlivesMacadamias, Watermelon Seeds, ApricotsWalnuts Dried Figs Wintermelon

Apart from nuts, they also offers herbs to all herbal lovers out there. See for yourself if you don’t believe it. Just plant those herbs and it will grow like an angel. 130218 - Day 45 Herbs Garden

* Day 45 – Herbs garden *

121215 - Day 1 - Herbs Garden121225 - Day 10 - Herbs Garden

What are you waiting for! For new customers, you could get discounts! (See below)

New Customers
We would like to welcome and introduce to all our new customers to a healthy diet!
For a limited time, we are giving you: -
New customers only: 
A special discount of RM2.00 off your first box.
Simply enter the following code into the discount coupon tab during checkout: – D5V2DMXSFVLA


Come and try this new way of nut tasting. All nuts are imported for all over the world!

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