Monday, April 29, 2013

Unboxing : Fancybox April


Received my Fancybox last Friday. The Fedex ETA cannot be trust. They say ETA on Monday. But it arrived on Friday. 2 days early. Well, this time I have to pay for the customs tax (even though FANCY said that the tax / customs will be paid by them) but unfortunately my mom had to pay the tax onbehalf of me since she was the one receiving the box but I have paid her back. I did emailed to Fancy regarding about this and they have credited the amount onto my card that I used to pay their monthly boxes. I just hope that next time, things like this wont be happening again. Pleas Fancy, take note.

I am pretty happy with the content of my box for April. Love all of the products especially the Lunch Box! :) This time, I did not received any product cards. I don’t know why. Hmm.

Products that I received :

1. Fancy Nail Lacquer :

2. BoxAppetit Lunchbox by Black + Blum :

3. Thumb Lite Stick On LED : USD15

4. Contort Flexible 4 port USB hub : USD 25

5. Merkury Motion Armband : USD 25


Those are the products that I received. I cannot find the price for the first 2 products as it does not stated in Fancy. I enjoy having these items every month. Looking forward to my next box!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BOTD–Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac


Tadaa! My pocket bacs from Bath and  Body Works! I only tried one which is the Fresh Picked Strawberries. The smell is seriously like strawberry! I feel like licking the gel as it looks delicious. So please, do not give this to children below the age of 8 years old or be it 10. Even older people like me still tends to lick it! haha.

It does not feel sticky at all but somehow at some point, it tends to be having this liquidly texture to it not as jelly as the first ones. I bought this through bath and body works website at and use as my US Address and shipping to Malaysia. They do have some slow customer service and always needs to be reminded all the time. Only that they clear all the taxes and customs for us first. So it is cool. :) 

I have no brain..

I have no brain..I don’t know how RICH people’s brain works. I mean, I am not rich. I don’t own anything expensive except for my phones and gadgets. By that I mean, I use my phone 100%. So it’s something that I need every single day. It helps me a lot in my daily life. My social medias apps, my happiness.

But, when it comes to things like handbags and clothes..I have no brain on how rich people can buy designer bags every month. Not the RM300 type of bags. It’s like RM2000-RM6000 type of bags. Coach, Prada, Dior all those high end brands. I mean, what were they thinking when buying those? They just don’t buy one. They buy many like 2,3 units. Oh my. Even I have a little bit money now, I still think a handbag worth RM250 is expensive, a dress for RM200 is still expensive. I went cray cray when I saw these bags and their prices.


Maybe they said, pay for what you want. If you want something that is long lasting, you should pay much more higher price. I don’t think so that I think that’s some bullshit talking. I mean, everybody wants something that is long lasting not only the rich people. So if I buy something cheap and it is still last long, what would you say about that? Paying RM3000-RM4000 for a HANDBAG is so not worth it. I could pay something else for those. I am not jealous, I know my money limitation. But still I guess, if I have won a lottery and get myself RM1,000,000, I will only buy one the most expensive bag ever and that’s it.

Yes. Like I say, I have no brain. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BOTD : Summer Nail Color


I don’t really wear nail lacquer or color. In fact I only were these for like once in 6-8 month! So that’s why I only bought these small bottle of nail color. It is very small only around 5-5.5ml. :)

Summer color has always been pastel. Pastel yellow, mint green, pinkish type of color. But I think, this time just switch a little bit of those old school pastel and try these two color instead. One is this very very dark blue going to nearly grey color and the other is this bright fun orangy color! Both are from SASA outlets and both costs only RM3.90. The orange nail color smells like candy!

The SASAtinnie ones did not dry that fast. The brush is easy to apply but the consistency of the nail color is very runny. I have small fingers so it tends to runs out from my finger when I applied it. The AREZIA nail color was okay. I mean, being a non nail color fan I just do not know how to rate nail color. Maybe I just need to buy one very expensive ones and compare right? :) Glossyness comparison, both ended up to be quite glossy as these two are actually mattes nail color. No glitter or what so ever inside.

SASAtinnie code color : SPN103

Arezia code color :881

Let’s ditch out the old fashion pastel color on summer and try these two funky color!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Youtube : Oblivion Soundtrack M83


Hello guys / girls,

I know you know how much I LOVE this movie and soundtrack. Try to listen to this song. Seriously one of the best OST / Score I have ever heard in my life. I used to love TRON score but this one tops it all for now. I know, you can call Les Miserables songs as soundtrack as the songs are part of the movie itself so it does not count. Haha. :P

Sunday, April 21, 2013

BOTD–Bath and Body Works Fragrance Mist


These are the only fragrance mists that I have from Bath and Body Works. I only purchased the travel size mist since I would want to test the scent first before I really really wanted to purchase the full size bottle. Since Bath and Body Works is very new to me (in the scent department I would say) and I am still in need of time to decide which one suits me best, I will only have a travel size mist for now. This fragrance mist is incredible! It lasted for like above 12 hours for me. Ridiculous! Haha. Even after taking a bath, I can still linger the smell of these babies.

Sweet Pea : A very very sweet floraly smell with a hint of freshness onto it. It smells like candy and fresh water combined together. This is one of my personal favorites.

Bali Mango : Yummy! That is all I can say to describe this mist. I love the scent. Very energizing and lovely at the same time. It has that perfume type of smell and you will have that ‘Have I smell this before?’ face once you have a hint of this. I love this. I actually did purchase a full size bottle of this mist. It’s on its way to Malaysia now! ;p

Dark Kiss : This has a sort of like a dark and chocolatey scent to it. It has vanilla scent inside it as well. If you love sweet scent like vanilla, you will love this one. Personally, I think this is also a great scent for my boyfriend as it’s very dark and deep. Haha.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Entri yang tiada title (malas)

Kalau Pembangkang menang pilhanraya tahun ni, saya nak DS Anwar Ibrahim tunaikan apa yang dia selalu katakan iaitu ini bukan perjuangan peribadi disebabkan keluarga dia telah dimalukan dan diseksa bertahun-tahun. Kalau betul ini bukan perjuangan peribadi, saya berharap DS Anwar Ibrahim memaafkan kesemua manusia yang pernah menyiksa beliau dan keluarga, bersatu dengan rakyat dan bersatu dengan parti politik yang lain yang sebelum ini tidak pernah sehaluan.

Saya berharap DS Anwar Ibrahim dapat menunjukkan contoh yang paling terbagus sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia dengan menyatukan semula semua rakyat Malaysia tak kira apa parti yang mereka sokongi. Tak sedarkah kamu bahawa sekarang ini bukan hanya menyatukan semula rakyat Malaysia yang perlbagai kaum itu suatu masalah, tetapi masalah yang paling besar yang memang boleh membawa kepada maut dan hipertensi adalah masalah parti politik. Jangan main main dengan orang yang taksub politk .Saya berharap kalau DS Anwar menang dan memang IKHLAS dia nak tukar keadaan Malaysia ini dari segi kewangan, dari segi segalanya saya berharap sangat dia dapat menjadi pemimpin yang TERPUJI, IKHLAS, JUJUR dan AMANAH.

Kalau DS Anwar memenangi pilihanraya kali ini, semua orang dapat hidup dengan aman. Tidak bermakna sebelum ini Malaysia hidup dalam keadaan berperang fizikal tetapi kita hidup dalam keadaan berperang mental! Saya berharap kesemua benda, perangai, kata-kata, perbuatan yang negatif dan tak baik akan di buang dan DS Anwar akan menjadi pemimpin yang LAYAK untuk DIIKTIRAF sebagai Bapa Kemenangan.

Akan tetapi, jikalau Barisan masih lagi memenangi dan menerajui pucuk kemimpinan negara, saya berharap pula DS Najib dapat juga bersatu dengan parti yang lain. Lain parti tak apa, tapi biar bersatu. Biar sehaluan. Biar tiba pilihanraya akan datang rakyat akan pening kepala nak undi yang mana satu. Bukan pening kepala sebab kesemua parti politik pun TAK BOLEH PAKAI, pening sebab KESEMUA PARTI POLITIK PUN BOLEH PAKAI! Ya saya kurang arif tentang politik sebab saya menyampah. Sedarkan anda bahawa dengan keadaan politik sekarang ni tidak ramai anak muda yang secara sendiri aktif dengan politik? Jikalau DS Najib masih menjadi Perdana Menteri selepas ini, saya berharap juga bahawa dia akan menjadi pemimpin yang JUJUR, AMANAH, IKHLAS dan TERPUJI. Bila salam dengan rakyat tu, tengok lah dia. Cakap dan bersembang lah. Jangan buat orang kecil ni macam rasa terhina. Saya respect Tun Abdulllah Ahmad Badawi. Simple. Bila singgah ke pameran mana-mana, dia memang akan berhenti dan cuba untuk bersembang dengan orang-orang. Even waktu Tun menjadi PM Malaysia lagi.

So dear PM Malaysia, tolong lah ubah. Bukan nak ubah apa, ubah keadaan rakyat Malaysia sekarang ni. Ubah mindset, minda mereka. Yang sakit nanti golongan muda jugak. Fikirkan lah.

BOTD–Bath and Body Works Shower Gel


Yes. Another second entry about Bath & Body Works (BBW) items. This time it is about the shower gels collection that I have.

Twilight Woods : This scent is very very deep and dark. Some might not like the smell of this shower gel. I only use this shower gel when I am having my afternoon bath as it makes me feel warm and cozy. It kind of reminds me being in a very deep woods that has a lot of dry leaves.


Pink Chiffon : This pink gel smells so sweet! If you close your eyes and try to smell this, you can see the pictures of pink icing, pink ribbons..everything pink! I like this one. This is the scent where you can have it in 3 different forms. Be it Shower Gel, Body Mist or Lotion. It works well with every form. Love this! One of my personal favorite!

White Citrus : My mom’s favorite scent! She likes citrusy smell and this one is very perfect for her. The scent is very soft and light. If you like citrus with clean smell, you will love this one!


Coconut Lime Breeze : This one makes me feel hungry and thirsty! It smells exactly like ice lollies of Lime and Vanilla! If you like the smell of that, you will love this scent. Remember, it does makes you feel hungry for a lolly after that! Haha

Carried Away : If you love strong flowery scent this will get you straight away! For me, this scent is very very strong and sort of having this fake like flower scent. I do not really like this for a mist or shower gel. Maybe a lotion will do.

BOTD–Bath & Body Works Lotions


Comparison between a travel size and full size bottle


Japanese Cherry Blossom : It has this powdery flowery smell to it. Not that strong and almost fake like. But it wasn’t bad at all. It’s a perfect scent for a lotion but not so much for a mist / shower gels I guess.

Frosted Snowberry : This is from their Christmas collection last year. They have been selling this for $5 per bottle, for Sale. This scent is very frosty but yet kind of sweet as well. It did reminds me of a snowy place when I apply this lotion. Love it!

Paris Amour : One of their famous scent. Once applied, you can instantly smell the bubbly champagne. I like this but the scent can be quite sweet and overpowering and kind of makes me feel hungry / thirsty. Not that I have taste champagne but it sorts of like having this fizzy drink type of scent.


These three are the travel size lotions that I have for now. And I have picked some of the best scent ever!

Beautiful Day : It’s their Spring collection scent. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and been reading a lot of entries about this. Also been reading the reviews on the BBW website as well, and a lot of people were saying that this scent is very perfect for spring / summer. It has like an apple scent to it. Very refreshing and summery like scent. I like this. This is perfect for a mist scent as well!

Sea Island Cotton : This lotion has a very subtle and soft scent to it. Very clean and refreshing. It has a very minimal scent to it so if you do not like some overpowering smell, this one is suitable for you. It might not be a suitable scent for a mist but maybe a body wash will do. Just to make you feel clean and refreshing after taking a shower.

Rio Rumberry : This scent is somewhat, weird. At first I hate the smell. I have this thoughts of ‘Thank God I did not buy this in a bigger bottle. It’ll be such a waste!’ But then, after awhile having it on my arms, the scent changes! From some weird smell it becomes one of the sweetest smell that I have ever smell in my whole life! This is the smell of tropical. It has this papaya scent that maybe most of us will like. hate. But believe me! Give this guy a chance. You will get to know him.


Country Chic : This has like a serious flowery smell. If you are into flower and love strong linger flower smell that can make you feel like you are in a garden. This has a very strong scent. If you do not like a very strong scent, do not buy this as a lotion or mist. You can have it in the form of shower gel instead. It will gives you sort of like a steady scent onto your skin.

Aruba Coconut : Yummy-licious! That is all I can say about this one. Another 2013 Escape Collection. At first, when you see something that has a coconuty scent, you will have this imagination of santan scent or in English, coconut milk. Yes it does have that sweet coconut milk scent but after a while, you can smell this incredible lychee scent that came out of nowhere! Haaa! Told you this is one ah-may-zing scent! :p

I am so into Bath & Body Works lately. Before this it is hard to find this brand anywhere in Malaysia even in online shopping sites. Now, it’s like mushrooms growing after rain! My first heard about BBW is obviously on YouTube. It’s like a phenomena in the USA where every YouTube gurus were so into it. At first, I was not that keen to try them out but after I have seen those website, it’s like haunting me to get their stuffs! If you can handle it, I say go and visit the website but if you can’t..try to be strong. I have not yet explore every single details that they have on their website. It’s like so many things with so many names and pictures and colors and scents and items! I went crazy there for a bit. Now, I am toned down a bit cause I have got my hands on some of their famous products.

If you are wondering from where did I get my BBW items? I purchase some of them online. You can go to this Facebook page and purchase from her. What I did also was to purchase directly on BBW website ( and have them to post it to my USA address that I have from VSHUB and VSHUB will then shipped the item to me. :) 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Food Porn : Nadal Laksa Johor


Guilty pleasure. Food. Something that anyone cannot say NO to. Sometimes I can say NO to food but when it comes to noodles and potatoes, I just could not resist it! This time in Food Porn, I have one of my favorite delicacies from the South of Malaysia named Johor, I present to you Laksa Johor!

I love anything noodles I do not know why. This is one of my favorite noodle dish. I like it because this taste absolutely GOOD. Laksa Johor has slightly the same base of kuah which is from fish. Same goes to other laksa that I know of like Laksa Penang, Laksa Kedah, Laksam and Laksa Pahang. The base for the kuah or soup is fish. I do not mainly like to eat fish but when it comes to these laksa, I can just swallow then straight away! haha.

If you ever visited Rasta TTDI, check out this one stall named NADAL. I previously did an entry about Nasi Tumpang by Nadal. They come up with this new menus and Laksa Johor is one of them. One dish of Laksa Johor costs RM8. But it was worth it. The noodle / spaghetti and other garnishes amount can cope with the price given. I am full after having this dish during my dinner time. The kuah is a bit spicy just to get the taste done otherwise it would just taste bland. The spicyness is something that everybody can cope with, no problem with that tho’. :)

Try now! This is something that you definitely need to try when you are at Rasta TTDI.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movie Rate : Oblivion


From all the three trailers above, I hope that if you haven’t watch Oblivion yet, just go and watch it. I wont be saying much here in this entry but all I can say is that, this movie is worth to watch. If you are planning to watch this, try TGV Beanie bag (if they still have it) or Cineleisure Premium Class as this movie is about 2 hours and 6 minutes!

I got my pre screening tickets from Nuffnang (Thank you!!!) and went for the pre screening on Tuesday last week. The story was neatly done. I don’t know but it is hard to hate this movie. There are obviously some glitches here and there but with all the efforts that I can see from all the team of Oblivion, I could just ignore the minor glitches. For me, this movie is way too perfect than the one that I have seen recently, The Host. So damn incomparable. After watching this, The Host was like the most unfinished movie that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Forget about The Host.

What is this Oblivion movie is about that I have been hauling like crazy? Why do I like this movie so much? Nope, it is not because of Tom Cruise. I do not really like him that much. I adore someone like Johnny Depp rather than Tom Cruise so yeah.  It is just the storyline that makes me to keep on looking. To keep on thinking. To keep on searching for why is it like this/that. Basically, the storyline is very very interesting. It’s like Cloud Atlas but Cloud Atlas is very random. And very mind blogging. This one is simple but yet it does makes me think more and more and wanting more and more. The ending of the movie is simply satisfying.

You should watch this movie. Spare some free time and watch it. It is not so much about a morale type of movie but just appreciate what they have done for the movie. Every single detail looks so damn real. Like Tron. It is actually from the director of Tron. Tron is a bit slow but still interesting. This one is medium speed with some interesting specs and elements onto each scene. Believe me, you will love this movie.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eczema experience update!


Tadaa! I know..gross! But this is how my eczema looks like after day 4 with Dr. Ranjit’s medicines. I did not eat the pills meds anymore. And I will only dab a little bit of the cream and ointment once a day. From the previous picture that I posted inside my previous eczema update, you can still see the redness and the uneven skin tones. Today in this picture, I am proudly saying that the medicines works really really well with my eczema.

If you have eczema, you just have to invest a little bit of money and get it treated. I know, RM110 is expensive but for a medicine that can actually cure my eczema, what the heck I am willing to pay for it! :)

Like I said, you may need to make a call for an appointment if you are eager to go to Dr. Ranjit’s clinic. I will provide you all the information that you need on the link here :

Go and treat your eczema now. You wont feel alienated again. :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unifi Experience

Hello guys! I know I am a bit slow in updating my internet into Unifi. It’s like, decades since we have unifi (not actual decades) but only recently I upgraded from streamyx to unifi. I am pretty happy with what they have for now. And I do hope that the service would be as perfect as this later on in the future.

I have made an appointment with the unifi team to install my unifi on Sunday morning. Then on Friday, I received an SMS from TM saying that my unifi installments would only be from 1-5pm. I called back Unifi call center (waited patiently for the person in charge to pink up my call) and finally resorted back to morning session. It says that morning sessions will starts at 9-1pm but that does not mean that the installation guys will come at 9am. I was like, it is okay as long as they do not come to install after 1pm as I will not be at home.

Surprisingly the team came to my house around 10am! And I did received a call like 20 minutes before they arrived. So I was kind of surprise as from what I have heard about the timing, they usually do not follow them at all. A friend of mine staying at Shah Alam said that he installed unifi on Saturday (the day before I installed my unifi) and the guy came quite late. He has to wait from morning till 3pm. Oh my. Pity you, Ed. Mine came early and finish early as well. yay me!

Once arrived, the guys (there were 2 of them) split and do their own tasks. One is in charge on the outside the house and one is in charge on the inside of the house. To make things faster, they do separate work so that the time consume is less. Parallel work.

unifi 001

So upon registering unifi, you will get these boxes full with stuffs! And yes, you need to also get like an extension of 4-5 plugs as these items inside the box needs electrical supply. You will get ;

  • Motorola Cordless Phone (VOIP)
  • Huawei Modem
  • TM Modem

And you can just install the internet of you want to but I just install all of them. It’s free so, why not. :)

unifi 003 

The installation process takes about 2 hours for my type of home. They do not need to drill any holes and I do not have to pay for extra cable as it’s just near to the window. Easy breezy. In fact, I do have some cables left so yeah. The step of installation are as follows ;

  1. Outside guy will try to check available ports. If they do not have any available ports (like what happened to me, he said that all the ports were full), they will call TM and asked for any cancellations or any ports that have not been used or have not been active for awhile. If available (like mine too! yay!) He will start to pull the wires from the port to your house. If your house is quite far from the port, the extra cable is NOT CHARGEABLE. Only cable inside your house will be charged if any extra needed.
  2. The inside house guy will start to install the fiber optics from outside to inside your house. He will try to see which part is suitable for the wire to go through without any drillings. Mine survived. Easy breezy again. ;) He will then start to install all the devices, phones, hypp tv and modems.
  3. Then the inside guy will try to do the wifi settings once the outside guy has finished connected the wires from outisde to inside the house.
  4. Everything settled. Time to setup the Hypp TV, phone and wifi. He will ask if you wanted to use the original password given with the modem or change it. I just use what the modem gave to me for now.
  5. Happiness overload, you may use your wifi now. :)

Easy breezy! Well, that’s for my type of housing area where we do have a telephone pole. Some new areas they do not have any poles at all and everything is underneath  or at the back of the house. So, that’s a tad bit difficult to install and takes quite some time. Another thing, I did not terminate my phone line for this one. So I have 2 house phone number. One is the old ones and the other is this unifi number. I only terminated my Streamyx. What for do I need two wifi. This is a house and not an office. Well, I am now happy with my internet service. Once I have it, I tested it out by using the Speed Test app.

unifi 007

What the hell..11.39? Haha. Well, that’s just when I started my app, the arrow jerks off like hell to 11.39mb! If only ya? If only. Myabe when I moved out, I will subscribe to 10mb. Haha (Tamak)


So there’s the result! Actually, the main thing that made me really really wanted to change from Unifi to Streamyx is because of the Upload rate. I am seriously satisfied with this one for now. Hopefully that the service could stay like this forever. :)

To install Unifi, basically just go to and install one for yourself!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Eczema Experience


This is how my feet looks like after it’s 1 day old being treated with Dr. Ranjit’s medicines. After like 2 years I neglected going to a doctor because I am afraid that the consultation can be very expensive, this time I just could not handle the pain and itchy anymore. I said to Irfan this time, I have to do it. I need to go to the doctor soon.

The fees is RM110 for consultation + medicines. The doctor gave me two pills, morning and night. The night pill is quite drowsy just to make me not to scratch my eczema during my sleep. The other meds are cream and ointment. The cream is for morning and ointment is for night time. I only apply one time morning and one time night. It is a miracle that I do not even scratch my feet at all since I have these medicine on me. And that’s the greatest feelings ever!

The doctor advise me to damp my eczema area first before I apply the cream/ointment as with water, it absorbs more faster. And it does. The feeling of the eczema usually thick skin with blisters and redness. One time application of the cream during the day on the same day I have my medicine can reduce my eczema like about 55%! I do not even feel that my skin is bloating or peeling or feeling thick. The meds works really really fast!

Eczema can caused by having stressful day but I am stress as I have eczema. Maybe that is the reason why I am having a continuous eczema on my legs. They only grow on my legs and not other parts. So, I cant wait to see my feet, eczema free again.

I will keep you guys posted on my experience with Dr. Ranjit’s medicine. :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iron Man 3 : My Way

I am a girl but sometimes, I do dream of doing what a man can do. Like for instance, Iron Man. Many people adore him but some just hate his obnoxious character.  I think for me, the character will never be alive if he is not being obnoxious and egoist. He is a hero. We usually see some good man hero but this character of Iron Man is totally different.

If I am to become an Iron Man, I obviously have my own way of having my suit. Besides world peace, I would also like my suit to be only done by using a recycled materials only. Of course, durable and strong recycled materials. Maybe I could also reuse things as well. It is good to protect the environment.

During the fighting scene, we can always see the city will be like 75% damaged my the fighting itself. Well, I just do not want to waste more money by rebuilding alive city. Instead of using some destruction power tools that could be misused by a girl like me, I like to take things slow and easy but must be effective enough to fight the scary enemies. I will choose my enemies and they will totally love to have a fight with me.

My suit will have something like in the sketch. I know, it looks hideous but a little at a time, it will become one hella of a glamorous suit! 


* Front *


* Back *

So my Iron man name will definitely change. I need to have a feminine name so I decided to have the name Irose. I don’t think a ‘man’ is needed at the end of the name as the Rose itself says it all. So at the front I will have a pop-up mirror, whenever I decided to have a fight or to take control on my back side when the enemy is coming from the back, I will only need to pop up the mirror and see where to shoot at. Of course, I wont shoot to any unarmed people when I have this handy mirror! Yay ness say thank you to Irose! Again, a rose logo at the center of my chest represents my name. So, no questions asked about that as it is very very very the straight forward. ;)

At the back, I have my sugar fire and super fire gun. Wel, these two works on either one. Either I could fire the enemy by using my super fire gun, or just use the two of them and made a sticky caramelized surface that could stick onto the enemies body. Hehe. Besides, caramel us yummy! Right after the caramel has been shot, the confetti blower will blow out some small and big chunks of confetti to the enemies to cover his/her whole body so that they could not see or move.

See, that was my version of iron man if I could have one. Less destruction, less killing unarmed and innocent people and fight clean. Hehe.

Irose supports greenness and peaceful. So do me. :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Food Porn : Choco Banana Parfait

cuticuti 020

This is madness for a dessert! I LOVE this and I seriously approved this parfait for those who are a dessert lover. You can get this at Sushi Zanmai for RM15.50. It is expensive but it was worth it! It has layers of yummyness! I really like the cornflakes and the chocolate crumbs. Serious, this is one of the best dessert that I have ever tasted. I do not like chocolate that much but this one is like a must to order whenever I go and eat at sushi zanmai.

Try yours today. You will never regret it. ;)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Unboxing : Mivva box (April)


Yay! I know I know I know! Way too many beauty boxes already. But I don’t mind. Haha. I love them! This time it is the Mivva box April! Mivva has always been very generous about their items inside the box. Let dig to see what is in this month’s box!



I received a piece of charcoal whitening face mask from Timeless Truth. As I am currently on hold using any other facial products because I need to stick with Tabita, I will use this once I am free from adding other products onto my skin and facial routine! It is RM10 per mask.


Second item was from SF. Two sachet packs, different items all together. One is the Sunscreen and the other is the skin removing gel. Sunscreen costs RM 125.00 per 30ml & Skin Removing Gel costs RM100.00 for 150ml.


This is my second pack for this B-Liv Off with those heads. This one is mainly for black & (I think so) white heads, to remove them all! I have not yet tried this one before this. But now, since I am using my Tabita skin care, I think my blackheads are starting to fade away. :)

This retails at RM139 for 30ml & RM179.90 for 45ml. You can get this at any SASA outlets. ;)


Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Essence. Well, this one is pretty much a repeatability product I should say.I have the big bottle ones from the previous box and now they give the 100ml. I have to try this soon I guess. Just give me another 2 months time! :p 


Sobs. Another beauty products that I could not use still. T_T But this O’slee Rosehip Beauty Solution Advance Formula III smells AH-MAY-ZING! If only Tabita smells like this, it would be GREAT! ;p

Retails at RM59.90 for 100ml or RM18 for 30ml. Cheapo!


This two hair sets I received is the Keratin Silkprotein hair pack and hair shampoo. It’s a korean brand so I have no idea where to get this. Might be at SASA outlets. I have yet to try these shampoo! They gave like..a lot! 5 pieces of each!

Hair Shampoo retails at RM49.90 for 620ml & Hair Pack retails at RM49.90 for 50ml / RM79.90 for 1000ml


Got myself some hair chalks too!


And a shopping list note pad! Aww! So sweet of them!

If you are interested in subscribing MIVVA boxes, please click on the link below. :)

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