Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BIG Card (AirAsia)

If you are familiar with Air Asia (Low cost airline) than you might know their loyalty program (frequent flyers) which is the Visa BIG card. I got mine eventhough I am not a frequent flyer just yet. For my future, after I got married for sure I will be flying A LOT! InsyaAllah, by next year, you will see me travelling like mad. All thanks to AirAsia, now everyone can fly. :) Oh yes, talking about the BIG card just now, recently AirAsia has been doing a massive marketing on BIG Card application at LCCT last Thursday (28th March 2013). Even the CEO turns up and greet everybody there. He even sembang-sembang with those new applicants. This is great to see. As I think BIG Card does not have that great impact marketing just yet (as far as I know).

IMG_6131 edit

Now, you can even see the BIG Card buttons on AirAsia website! This is surprising! I don’t know since when the button has been there but the last time I checked, I couldn’t remember that it was actually there! And guess what, it is a great news to all BIG Card members as AirAsia is having a 0 points redeem to some of their famous destinations like Krabi, Jakarta, even locally Penang! Why wait now! Be a member pronto! I got mine already. ;)

Mine is a VISA BIG Card. They also has another membership which is a non VISA. I need to reload my VISA card by using the Reload Card option inside the BIG card website in order for me to purchase any flight tickets. If I am not mistaken, this VISA can be use as an online transaction for payments (shop securely with VISA) but I have not yet tried it yet. “The card is accepted anywhere you see the VISA sign. You also earn loyalty points 'BIG Points' when you use your card.” – Via tune2BIC.com website (FAQ)

To know more about the VISA and membership of this BIG card, you can click on the link here –> http://www.tune2big.com/member.pdf


Visit http://www.airasia.com to register yourself for a BIG Card. It is FREE!

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