Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BOTD : Summer Nail Color


I don’t really wear nail lacquer or color. In fact I only were these for like once in 6-8 month! So that’s why I only bought these small bottle of nail color. It is very small only around 5-5.5ml. :)

Summer color has always been pastel. Pastel yellow, mint green, pinkish type of color. But I think, this time just switch a little bit of those old school pastel and try these two color instead. One is this very very dark blue going to nearly grey color and the other is this bright fun orangy color! Both are from SASA outlets and both costs only RM3.90. The orange nail color smells like candy!

The SASAtinnie ones did not dry that fast. The brush is easy to apply but the consistency of the nail color is very runny. I have small fingers so it tends to runs out from my finger when I applied it. The AREZIA nail color was okay. I mean, being a non nail color fan I just do not know how to rate nail color. Maybe I just need to buy one very expensive ones and compare right? :) Glossyness comparison, both ended up to be quite glossy as these two are actually mattes nail color. No glitter or what so ever inside.

SASAtinnie code color : SPN103

Arezia code color :881

Let’s ditch out the old fashion pastel color on summer and try these two funky color!

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