Thursday, April 18, 2013

BOTD–Bath and Body Works Shower Gel


Yes. Another second entry about Bath & Body Works (BBW) items. This time it is about the shower gels collection that I have.

Twilight Woods : This scent is very very deep and dark. Some might not like the smell of this shower gel. I only use this shower gel when I am having my afternoon bath as it makes me feel warm and cozy. It kind of reminds me being in a very deep woods that has a lot of dry leaves.


Pink Chiffon : This pink gel smells so sweet! If you close your eyes and try to smell this, you can see the pictures of pink icing, pink ribbons..everything pink! I like this one. This is the scent where you can have it in 3 different forms. Be it Shower Gel, Body Mist or Lotion. It works well with every form. Love this! One of my personal favorite!

White Citrus : My mom’s favorite scent! She likes citrusy smell and this one is very perfect for her. The scent is very soft and light. If you like citrus with clean smell, you will love this one!


Coconut Lime Breeze : This one makes me feel hungry and thirsty! It smells exactly like ice lollies of Lime and Vanilla! If you like the smell of that, you will love this scent. Remember, it does makes you feel hungry for a lolly after that! Haha

Carried Away : If you love strong flowery scent this will get you straight away! For me, this scent is very very strong and sort of having this fake like flower scent. I do not really like this for a mist or shower gel. Maybe a lotion will do.

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