Thursday, April 18, 2013

BOTD–Bath & Body Works Lotions


Comparison between a travel size and full size bottle


Japanese Cherry Blossom : It has this powdery flowery smell to it. Not that strong and almost fake like. But it wasn’t bad at all. It’s a perfect scent for a lotion but not so much for a mist / shower gels I guess.

Frosted Snowberry : This is from their Christmas collection last year. They have been selling this for $5 per bottle, for Sale. This scent is very frosty but yet kind of sweet as well. It did reminds me of a snowy place when I apply this lotion. Love it!

Paris Amour : One of their famous scent. Once applied, you can instantly smell the bubbly champagne. I like this but the scent can be quite sweet and overpowering and kind of makes me feel hungry / thirsty. Not that I have taste champagne but it sorts of like having this fizzy drink type of scent.


These three are the travel size lotions that I have for now. And I have picked some of the best scent ever!

Beautiful Day : It’s their Spring collection scent. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and been reading a lot of entries about this. Also been reading the reviews on the BBW website as well, and a lot of people were saying that this scent is very perfect for spring / summer. It has like an apple scent to it. Very refreshing and summery like scent. I like this. This is perfect for a mist scent as well!

Sea Island Cotton : This lotion has a very subtle and soft scent to it. Very clean and refreshing. It has a very minimal scent to it so if you do not like some overpowering smell, this one is suitable for you. It might not be a suitable scent for a mist but maybe a body wash will do. Just to make you feel clean and refreshing after taking a shower.

Rio Rumberry : This scent is somewhat, weird. At first I hate the smell. I have this thoughts of ‘Thank God I did not buy this in a bigger bottle. It’ll be such a waste!’ But then, after awhile having it on my arms, the scent changes! From some weird smell it becomes one of the sweetest smell that I have ever smell in my whole life! This is the smell of tropical. It has this papaya scent that maybe most of us will like. hate. But believe me! Give this guy a chance. You will get to know him.


Country Chic : This has like a serious flowery smell. If you are into flower and love strong linger flower smell that can make you feel like you are in a garden. This has a very strong scent. If you do not like a very strong scent, do not buy this as a lotion or mist. You can have it in the form of shower gel instead. It will gives you sort of like a steady scent onto your skin.

Aruba Coconut : Yummy-licious! That is all I can say about this one. Another 2013 Escape Collection. At first, when you see something that has a coconuty scent, you will have this imagination of santan scent or in English, coconut milk. Yes it does have that sweet coconut milk scent but after a while, you can smell this incredible lychee scent that came out of nowhere! Haaa! Told you this is one ah-may-zing scent! :p

I am so into Bath & Body Works lately. Before this it is hard to find this brand anywhere in Malaysia even in online shopping sites. Now, it’s like mushrooms growing after rain! My first heard about BBW is obviously on YouTube. It’s like a phenomena in the USA where every YouTube gurus were so into it. At first, I was not that keen to try them out but after I have seen those website, it’s like haunting me to get their stuffs! If you can handle it, I say go and visit the website but if you can’t..try to be strong. I have not yet explore every single details that they have on their website. It’s like so many things with so many names and pictures and colors and scents and items! I went crazy there for a bit. Now, I am toned down a bit cause I have got my hands on some of their famous products.

If you are wondering from where did I get my BBW items? I purchase some of them online. You can go to this Facebook page and purchase from her. What I did also was to purchase directly on BBW website ( and have them to post it to my USA address that I have from VSHUB and VSHUB will then shipped the item to me. :) 

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