Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eczema experience update!


Tadaa! I know..gross! But this is how my eczema looks like after day 4 with Dr. Ranjit’s medicines. I did not eat the pills meds anymore. And I will only dab a little bit of the cream and ointment once a day. From the previous picture that I posted inside my previous eczema update, you can still see the redness and the uneven skin tones. Today in this picture, I am proudly saying that the medicines works really really well with my eczema.

If you have eczema, you just have to invest a little bit of money and get it treated. I know, RM110 is expensive but for a medicine that can actually cure my eczema, what the heck I am willing to pay for it! :)

Like I said, you may need to make a call for an appointment if you are eager to go to Dr. Ranjit’s clinic. I will provide you all the information that you need on the link here :

Go and treat your eczema now. You wont feel alienated again. :)


  1. Babe least you know yours is eczema.
    I've got sever rash problem and I don't know what triggers it..Suka suka it will come and when it strikes,i feel mangy. Went to see a skin specilist and he told me oh you know it can be food,detergent blahblah and charge me RM 60..Damn doc,i wanna know what triggers it..:{..
    ..Anti Histamin creams n pills takes care of it

    1. Oh my babe! Why not try this Dr. instead? I mean, it's like quite expensive but give it a shot when you have the expenses and time. I am not sure how they will know if it's some allergy but i think the meds that they give will heal you a little bit. Maybe when it triggers, you can think of what you have done? Apa you makan or is kind of crazy to detact mana satu kan? i hope you are well babe.


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