Friday, April 12, 2013

Eczema Experience


This is how my feet looks like after it’s 1 day old being treated with Dr. Ranjit’s medicines. After like 2 years I neglected going to a doctor because I am afraid that the consultation can be very expensive, this time I just could not handle the pain and itchy anymore. I said to Irfan this time, I have to do it. I need to go to the doctor soon.

The fees is RM110 for consultation + medicines. The doctor gave me two pills, morning and night. The night pill is quite drowsy just to make me not to scratch my eczema during my sleep. The other meds are cream and ointment. The cream is for morning and ointment is for night time. I only apply one time morning and one time night. It is a miracle that I do not even scratch my feet at all since I have these medicine on me. And that’s the greatest feelings ever!

The doctor advise me to damp my eczema area first before I apply the cream/ointment as with water, it absorbs more faster. And it does. The feeling of the eczema usually thick skin with blisters and redness. One time application of the cream during the day on the same day I have my medicine can reduce my eczema like about 55%! I do not even feel that my skin is bloating or peeling or feeling thick. The meds works really really fast!

Eczema can caused by having stressful day but I am stress as I have eczema. Maybe that is the reason why I am having a continuous eczema on my legs. They only grow on my legs and not other parts. So, I cant wait to see my feet, eczema free again.

I will keep you guys posted on my experience with Dr. Ranjit’s medicine. :)

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