Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good with words?

Have you guys ever heard about NUFFNANG? I did register myself to NUFFNANG like a while back. When it was HOT and SPICY (It is still now) but I can say that I am one of the pioneers who subscribed to NUFFNANG back than. I don’t really know how it works and I do not know what is pay-per-click or pay-per-visit or anything like that when I first registered. All I know is that, if I add this one link onto my blog, I could earn some bunch of money.

Since my blog is not that fancy and famous and fabulous enough, I did not get that much amount of money after all. Well, I am not chasing for the money actually. I just wanted to be part of the group. The group where is up-to-date. The group where I know that I could join in and be part of without me having to change myself a little bit.

I love blogging and will always be. At first, if I can remember, I start blogging on A*Teens fansite. The website is still operating up until now although the group has split up. I love them. They has this cheeky and fun attitude. After A*Teens, I can remember I joined those free website blogging like Xanga and also Geocities. Yes. I have my own Geocities back than. But I seldom update it as my life is not as happening as nowadays. When I was little, my schedule used to be similar each and everyday. School in the morning, Al-Quran recites class in the afternoon, homework at night and sleep at 8:30am. Before I went to bed, I can surf the net or read Enid Blyton story books. Yes. My mum encouraged me to read at least one story from the book before I go to bed.

After Xanga, I did have several other blogs as well. It’s like the excitement of having my contents and ideas to be shared to the people out there and people in the united states could actually read what I typed was cool back than. For a girl aged around 10-15 years old, that is super bizarre. Having to always be alone as I am the only child in my family, internet has been the place where I contribute myself to the world. I started Friendster blog and have been regularly blogging through that medium for nearly my university days finished and when Facebook has been introduced. After that, I rarely sign in into my Friendster blog and always be logged in into my Facebook. But, whenever I wanted to blog about things, I still do at Friendster back than. Although I have Wordpress account at that time, I think it was tedious as I need to do some clicking in order for me to write a new post (back than, it is actually tedious).

I opened my last blog in the year 2008. It was my final year of university and I think it is time for me to have a proper blog where everybody can come and read the content, from all over the world. So, I decided to open up a blogspot account. I do not really like Wordpress at that time as like I said, it was tedious. Blogspot is easier for me to do new posts and to arrange the layouts. I purchase the domain last 2 years. As I think it is the time for this blog to be upgraded and as I take blogging seriously, I did not mind to pay some amount of money for this blog.

This is the blog that you are reading right now.

All I can say is that, I really love sharing information to the world. I love writing down about how and what I feel. This is the platform where I can jot down anything about me or others. I think I love blogging because I like to think and play with words. In my mind, there is always words and words and words. I read dictionary and quotes (What a boring girl I am).

After a while, I visited Nuffnang website back and I can see that they were actively doing this free screening for upcoming movies. I give myself a first try on the movie Life of Pi, last year. I did not think about winning or getting the right quotes. The questions was kind of simple for me, “What would you bring if you were stranded on an island, name 3 items”. It was simple for me. Think about practicality and logically. I wont be telling you what I write down haha. So, those answer made me win my first pre-screening ticket from Nuffnang.


After winning my first premiere screening, I try my second luck for the movie Les Miserables and I won again! This has been such a great time for me. Getting free tickets just by playing with words. I like this type of contest. Haha.


After that, I did try for another movie but I did not win. But that does not mean that I have to quit entering and give up. What the heck? Hehe. So I tried the Digi with Lisa Surihani (short video recording). The entry requires us to blogged about my buddyz as it was for DiGi Kami Buddyz manifesto that is now on DiGi TV Youtube (I’ll paste the video here anyway). Try to spot me if you can! To read my winning entry, you can click HERE 

And today, I received another invitation to a Premiere Screening of Oblivion. Yes, I again play with my words. Haha. Well, I am a word master I should say. ;)


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