Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iron Man 3 : My Way

I am a girl but sometimes, I do dream of doing what a man can do. Like for instance, Iron Man. Many people adore him but some just hate his obnoxious character.  I think for me, the character will never be alive if he is not being obnoxious and egoist. He is a hero. We usually see some good man hero but this character of Iron Man is totally different.

If I am to become an Iron Man, I obviously have my own way of having my suit. Besides world peace, I would also like my suit to be only done by using a recycled materials only. Of course, durable and strong recycled materials. Maybe I could also reuse things as well. It is good to protect the environment.

During the fighting scene, we can always see the city will be like 75% damaged my the fighting itself. Well, I just do not want to waste more money by rebuilding alive city. Instead of using some destruction power tools that could be misused by a girl like me, I like to take things slow and easy but must be effective enough to fight the scary enemies. I will choose my enemies and they will totally love to have a fight with me.

My suit will have something like in the sketch. I know, it looks hideous but a little at a time, it will become one hella of a glamorous suit! 


* Front *


* Back *

So my Iron man name will definitely change. I need to have a feminine name so I decided to have the name Irose. I don’t think a ‘man’ is needed at the end of the name as the Rose itself says it all. So at the front I will have a pop-up mirror, whenever I decided to have a fight or to take control on my back side when the enemy is coming from the back, I will only need to pop up the mirror and see where to shoot at. Of course, I wont shoot to any unarmed people when I have this handy mirror! Yay ness say thank you to Irose! Again, a rose logo at the center of my chest represents my name. So, no questions asked about that as it is very very very the straight forward. ;)

At the back, I have my sugar fire and super fire gun. Wel, these two works on either one. Either I could fire the enemy by using my super fire gun, or just use the two of them and made a sticky caramelized surface that could stick onto the enemies body. Hehe. Besides, caramel us yummy! Right after the caramel has been shot, the confetti blower will blow out some small and big chunks of confetti to the enemies to cover his/her whole body so that they could not see or move.

See, that was my version of iron man if I could have one. Less destruction, less killing unarmed and innocent people and fight clean. Hehe.

Irose supports greenness and peaceful. So do me. :)

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