Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life is like an airplane

Come to think of it, our life is just like an airplane. We have our destination which is our dreams and the route as our path to our dreams. I have a dream. Everybody has their own dream and yes, even cats has their dreams as well. Let the airplane be you. You are trying to get to your destination. Of course, there were other airlines as well, other airplanes as well, who is currently have the same dream as yours. And they do also reach to the same destination. How do you overcome all of them and become the first one to land?

Of course, during a flight, it will not always be smooth. There will be a time when there is a storm, or engine failure which is a troublesome and this we could call problems / negative obstacles. What would you do? Will you stop and fall? Or will you try to still go because you need to achieve your dreams? As an airline, the dream is to always landed blissfully and to arrive at the destination safely. Who operates those? The Cadet and the Pilot of course. And who would they be if we are an airplane? They’ll be our brain. They will control where we go, what we do. They will control what we think. They will tell us that flying through the clouds will be a lot more safer than just randomly flying and avoiding the clouds. They will know how and what to do. We just do.

Airline Plane Flight Paths Travel Plans Map


Imagine that if you failed to arrive that the destination. How many person’s life will you let down? How many person will get mad? Hoe many person will be sad. That is why we always say do not give up. Go and chase your dreams. You will let even yourself down if you have not still try your hardest. People say work smart. I say work is a work. Live smart. Choose your path and pull them to you. I have been always chasing my dreams. I have found them. But still, it seems so far away. But I never give up. My pilot said that I need to still go and chase. So, I am chasing.

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