Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movie Rate : Oblivion


From all the three trailers above, I hope that if you haven’t watch Oblivion yet, just go and watch it. I wont be saying much here in this entry but all I can say is that, this movie is worth to watch. If you are planning to watch this, try TGV Beanie bag (if they still have it) or Cineleisure Premium Class as this movie is about 2 hours and 6 minutes!

I got my pre screening tickets from Nuffnang (Thank you!!!) and went for the pre screening on Tuesday last week. The story was neatly done. I don’t know but it is hard to hate this movie. There are obviously some glitches here and there but with all the efforts that I can see from all the team of Oblivion, I could just ignore the minor glitches. For me, this movie is way too perfect than the one that I have seen recently, The Host. So damn incomparable. After watching this, The Host was like the most unfinished movie that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Forget about The Host.

What is this Oblivion movie is about that I have been hauling like crazy? Why do I like this movie so much? Nope, it is not because of Tom Cruise. I do not really like him that much. I adore someone like Johnny Depp rather than Tom Cruise so yeah.  It is just the storyline that makes me to keep on looking. To keep on thinking. To keep on searching for why is it like this/that. Basically, the storyline is very very interesting. It’s like Cloud Atlas but Cloud Atlas is very random. And very mind blogging. This one is simple but yet it does makes me think more and more and wanting more and more. The ending of the movie is simply satisfying.

You should watch this movie. Spare some free time and watch it. It is not so much about a morale type of movie but just appreciate what they have done for the movie. Every single detail looks so damn real. Like Tron. It is actually from the director of Tron. Tron is a bit slow but still interesting. This one is medium speed with some interesting specs and elements onto each scene. Believe me, you will love this movie.

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