Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Positive Energy






I always wake up in peace. Each and every day is a new day for me. But sometimes, I do get caught up with my mood. Sometimes I am great, sometimes I am not. I am a human being, not some programmed robots. But well, quotes did helped me well a lot lately. Well, I have been reading quotes since I could not remember..maybe 2-3 years back?

I do believe that quotes could help people with negativity. I believe that quotes could make people change, even in their mind. Quotes makes people think. Quotes are always positive.

I have two quotes in front of me at my office. One is “Do the un-doable. Do the impossible. Do whatever it takes” & “You CAN do it! Many things are difficult before they’re easy”. These two quotes really made a big impact in my working life. Because of these two, I could complete my website project for work. Because of those two, I could complete my iPad / iPhone application for work. So, for me quotes really give a BIG change.

What is your favorite quotes so far? :)

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