Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unifi Experience

Hello guys! I know I am a bit slow in updating my internet into Unifi. It’s like, decades since we have unifi (not actual decades) but only recently I upgraded from streamyx to unifi. I am pretty happy with what they have for now. And I do hope that the service would be as perfect as this later on in the future.

I have made an appointment with the unifi team to install my unifi on Sunday morning. Then on Friday, I received an SMS from TM saying that my unifi installments would only be from 1-5pm. I called back Unifi call center (waited patiently for the person in charge to pink up my call) and finally resorted back to morning session. It says that morning sessions will starts at 9-1pm but that does not mean that the installation guys will come at 9am. I was like, it is okay as long as they do not come to install after 1pm as I will not be at home.

Surprisingly the team came to my house around 10am! And I did received a call like 20 minutes before they arrived. So I was kind of surprise as from what I have heard about the timing, they usually do not follow them at all. A friend of mine staying at Shah Alam said that he installed unifi on Saturday (the day before I installed my unifi) and the guy came quite late. He has to wait from morning till 3pm. Oh my. Pity you, Ed. Mine came early and finish early as well. yay me!

Once arrived, the guys (there were 2 of them) split and do their own tasks. One is in charge on the outside the house and one is in charge on the inside of the house. To make things faster, they do separate work so that the time consume is less. Parallel work.

unifi 001

So upon registering unifi, you will get these boxes full with stuffs! And yes, you need to also get like an extension of 4-5 plugs as these items inside the box needs electrical supply. You will get ;

  • Motorola Cordless Phone (VOIP)
  • Huawei Modem
  • TM Modem

And you can just install the internet of you want to but I just install all of them. It’s free so, why not. :)

unifi 003 

The installation process takes about 2 hours for my type of home. They do not need to drill any holes and I do not have to pay for extra cable as it’s just near to the window. Easy breezy. In fact, I do have some cables left so yeah. The step of installation are as follows ;

  1. Outside guy will try to check available ports. If they do not have any available ports (like what happened to me, he said that all the ports were full), they will call TM and asked for any cancellations or any ports that have not been used or have not been active for awhile. If available (like mine too! yay!) He will start to pull the wires from the port to your house. If your house is quite far from the port, the extra cable is NOT CHARGEABLE. Only cable inside your house will be charged if any extra needed.
  2. The inside house guy will start to install the fiber optics from outside to inside your house. He will try to see which part is suitable for the wire to go through without any drillings. Mine survived. Easy breezy again. ;) He will then start to install all the devices, phones, hypp tv and modems.
  3. Then the inside guy will try to do the wifi settings once the outside guy has finished connected the wires from outisde to inside the house.
  4. Everything settled. Time to setup the Hypp TV, phone and wifi. He will ask if you wanted to use the original password given with the modem or change it. I just use what the modem gave to me for now.
  5. Happiness overload, you may use your wifi now. :)

Easy breezy! Well, that’s for my type of housing area where we do have a telephone pole. Some new areas they do not have any poles at all and everything is underneath  or at the back of the house. So, that’s a tad bit difficult to install and takes quite some time. Another thing, I did not terminate my phone line for this one. So I have 2 house phone number. One is the old ones and the other is this unifi number. I only terminated my Streamyx. What for do I need two wifi. This is a house and not an office. Well, I am now happy with my internet service. Once I have it, I tested it out by using the Speed Test app.

unifi 007

What the hell..11.39? Haha. Well, that’s just when I started my app, the arrow jerks off like hell to 11.39mb! If only ya? If only. Myabe when I moved out, I will subscribe to 10mb. Haha (Tamak)


So there’s the result! Actually, the main thing that made me really really wanted to change from Unifi to Streamyx is because of the Upload rate. I am seriously satisfied with this one for now. Hopefully that the service could stay like this forever. :)

To install Unifi, basically just go to and install one for yourself!

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