Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gigabyte Power Bank 6600 mAh

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Hello all! Today I just want to update my experience using this Gigabyte power bank. I was looking for a power bank last Friday as I am going to Chiang Mai this Thursday – Saturday and I need this power source to source more battery life to my iphone, camera, ipad and blackberry. So, I guess power bank could help. :)

Me and Irfan went to the All IT shop at Ikano and I was searching for the best offer that they could give me. I don’t really do research on this power bank (could be my first time buying expensive product without doing any research!) thing. I just saw that everybody was also having their own power bank, so now I need one as well. When I was there, I can see that at least 10 companies are doing power bank, Gigabyte, Phillips, Yoobao and more! I had my eye on this one pink and sleek power bank. It costs more than RM100 and the miliamp hour (mAh) is much lesser than this one. It was indeed, a pretty little power bank. Which weigh less than this but all of that is just an additional RM? Well, if I think unwisely, I would just grab that pretty one instead but since I still can think, I took this one instead.

So far, I can charge almost any gadgets that I am currently using, Blackberry,iPhone,camera,iPad. But the longevity, I have no idea yet. We’ll just have to see. I can see that if I charged my iPhone, it sucks up way too much battery so the remaining of the power in the power bank is lessen even quickly. I hope that this little thing (it is quite heavy actually, and bulky as well) could safe my life.

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