Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am still alive

Hello people,

I am still alive. Yes. I have been actively “Facebooking” in my personal account and also twitting for the past 4 days. It’s the GE13 heat. I must take part right? Haha. Well, I have slow it down a little bit now. Not that because people call me ‘Sampah’ (rubbish) because she thinks that I am the extremist  supporter of this one party but nah, I am just thinking rationally. I do still have my brain intact inside my skull. To that person who called me ‘Sampah’ and then deleted that status of yours, thank you so much. I did not realize this until that day, that you are the most uneducated person that I have ever met (well we only met once during your wedding day). I don’t really care anyway if you wanted to delete me on Facebook. Such a GREAT attitude of yours. Thank you again. Now I know who you are, what is your education level at, what is your thinking ability level at and what is your past personal life at. He told me everything, he opened up to me everything on what you did to him. So, I basically know everything about your past and from there, I can judge you I guess. Since you judged me by only my posting status on my Facebook. I am being slow on Facebook because I cannot sleep on one day, thinking about how to solve this madness issue. Although I am not the Prime Minister of Malaysia nor that I have involvements in any political parties in Malaysia, I still think that some rational rakyat can still think and judge on what is happening. And I call upon these rakyats to come and help the nation to be better again. So, yes I cannot sleep on one of the 4 days. I think it was on Tuesday/Wednesday night. At first, I had this Kopi Tenum at Rasta TTDI. Maybe that was one of the reasons too, I guess. Too much caffeine. Haha.

So yes people, I am still alive. Healthy as ever (Alhamdulillah). I am now slowing down on Facebook but still ranting on Twitter ya. :P Facebook has this negativity elements from both sides. But as far as I am concern, I am always on the side who are not afraid of saying and portraying the truth. Which side is that, I think you might know. Not only the truth in GE13, the truth in every aspect of GE13. To those who can think logically and positively, I am with you. One thing, I do not think that we are having any racial issue. We still can think rationally. It’s the one who said that are having one I guess. When I say like this, people would jump to a conclusion that I am not protecting the Malays. You are totally wrong. I do protect my right as a Malay but not in a racist type of movements. Sorry, that’s just not my type.

Well, happy Thursday everybody. Stay alive, stay healthy, stay positive.

lepas undi 006

I am happy to have the voting place at my Ex high school. I miss this school so much. It’s been 10 years, SMKM. 10 years. So many has changed. One that I noticed is that the pricing and menu list there, the girls changing room for PJKs and no more sinks at the back of the canteen? Haha. Well, anyway, I am a proud Malaysian. Like our Prime Minister said, we are One Malaysia. ;)

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