Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jelly for Benny!


Sorry. I haven’t been this openly saying that I adore a man so much since I have a boyfriend. But, I have a huge crush on this guy. It’s not about the look that much. It’s the acting and charisma that he has. It’s been like what? I cannot remember the last time that I really do have a celebrity crush. I think it was way back in my Westlife / Boyzone years, 2001 or something like that. I do have a file, full with Boyzone magazine cut outs and things that you cannot even imagine. :)

So do I need to have a full file of Cumberbatch pictures and magazines and such? I don’t think so. Nowadays I can have him on my bedside every night. LOL. I am just kidding. I have my handphone on my side every night and somewhere somehow he’s in the internet, in my phone. Literally, he’s on my side every day, virtually.

I am new to this guy but his charisma can actually melt my eyes away. Seeing him perform on stage or cinema or even television is like seeing someone with intelligence performing. Not because he’s acting as Sherlock, I think he is one brilliant British actor. Hopefully I could meet with him someday in the future. Hopefully. Have you ever seen any of his interview session on YouTube? If not, you should watch some. He has this intelligence in answering questions, he’s very polite, very humble and nice. I have never seen any actor that have the behavior such as him. I bet it is because he’s British. Humble & nice. :) Watch one, below. You can see how Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto was just playing around with this guy but Benedict and Zoe was the truest ones.

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